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Audio leak of Eden Chhatra League president

Tamanna Jasmine Riva is president of Eden College Branch Chhatra League

An audio of Eden College Branch Chhatra League President Tamanna Jasmine River has been leaked. In the audio, students are heard threatening the BCL for not going to the programme.

The audio went viral on social media on Friday (August 19). Tamanna has admitted to the media that the words heard in the audio are her own.

The President of Eden College Chhatra League can be heard saying, there should have been this much sense, since the room is taken by the President of Eden College, there is no one above the President of Eden College. I will alternately lay down on one leg, pull on the other leg and tear it.

‘You’re legal. You come to show no head. Whether you stay legal or not in my political room is up to you. Who deposited the money? did you give me And who is legal?’

At this time, a person can be heard saying from the side, ‘He is sick, he has gone home.’ At that time, BCL president said, ‘Who is legal at 202 (room no.)? You’re legal, what’s wrong with me? Say? Am I …… yours? Chatang Chatang Kartachos! Lay down one leg, tear the other leg. It’s been four months, you’re starting Faizlami!’

At that time, Riva was heard scolding a girl named Sumna Mir. He said, ‘You don’t understand, you stay in the political room. I have made you legal. What? If I don’t give a seat, which father will give you a seat from 202? Madams will give, madams have the power? Madams have the power to get a girl out of our room. Not even the Principal of Eden College has the power to get one out of this room. He wants to grab it by the neck. In the next one hour I will go to the room you tell me. Hedam comes to show with me.’

In this, Eden College administration can be heard saying, ‘If a single girl wants to come and control that room, let her be the leader, even the Principal Ma’am of Eden College will not be able to give any girl. There should have been this sense since the room was occupied by the President of Eden College, there is no one above the President of Eden College.’

In this regard, Tamanna Jasmine Riva told the media that it is not such a big issue. They abused some of my juniors when they went to the room. Let’s talk about this later. It is natural to have to program if politics is in the room.

Professor Supriya Bhattacharya, principal of Eden College, said, I am not aware of the matter. Hall’s point is that the authorities will take it seriously. I will speak to the hall administration about the matter.

Click to listen to the audio

The article is in Bengali


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