Brazil-Argentina World Cup special ebook dribbling is coming

Pavilion’s special e-book “Dribbling” on the World Cup will be released on September 15. Pre-order your copy of this 120-page book covering Brazil-Argentina World Cup history, records, tactics and more today. The price of the e-book is 60 rupees. And, you can also win attractive prizes including Playstation, Laptop, Smartphone, Jersey by buying the eBook.

You can read a few pages of the e-book before buying here:

**Why buy this book?

Samba rhythm or joy of the Albiceleste? Yellow-green or sky-blue? Almost all of Bengali’s World Cup frenzy is the never-ending Brazil-Argentina debate, which may never end. Who can make a bigger flag than who, whose fan base can be loud – the World Cup is like a storm in the cup of tea for the fans of the two teams. In the 2022 FIFA World Cup, keeping these fans of both teams in mind, Pavilion has brought a special World Cup e-book ‘Dribbling’. How Brazil clinched the Jules Rime trophy, how Kempes-Maradona is Argentina’s dreamer; That story is in it. Along with the details of the tactics of the two teams, whose midfield-defense-forwards are like, who can be in the squad; There are also these. In simple words, Brazil-Argentina fans will know everything about the two teams before the start of the World Cup.

Readers are requested not to share any part of the book, text or images with anyone else without the permission of the author or Pavilion. Doing so would discourage attempts at anything in Bengali, and miss out on all the exciting rewards.

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