The prices of onions and green chillies have decreased

The prices of onions and green chillies have decreased
The prices of onions and green chillies have decreased

In the span of a week, the prices of desi green chillies and Indian onions have decreased in the wholesale market of Hili land port in Dinajpur.

A week ago, desi green chillies were sold at Tk 60 per kg, but now they are selling at Tk 25 per kg and Indian onion has dropped by Tk 10 to Tk 15 per kg. Some relief has returned to the common buyers to reduce the prices.

Traders say prices have fallen due to increased supply of green chillies and onion imports from India. However, the sellers also said that the buyers are much less than before.

Khairul Alam, who came to buy onion in Heli market, said that the price of onion has decreased a lot. For which I bought 10 kg of onion. If the price of all daily commodities like onion would come down then we common people would benefit a lot.

Korban Ali, a buyer of green pepper in Heli Bazaar, said that two weeks ago I bought green pepper at the rate of Tk 200 per kg. I bought it a week ago for 60 taka. At present, I bought 25 to 30 taka per kg of desi green pepper. The price has come down a lot. I have a function at home for which I bought 15 kg of green chillies. But the prices of rice, oil and spices are very high. Day by day is going beyond the reach of customers.

Biplab Sheikh, a seller of green chillies, said that the price of green chillies has decreased by Tk 35 per kg within a week. The supply has increased due to the increase in the production of green chillies in the country’s market. We are buying green chillies from Naogaon, Jaipurhat farmers at low prices and selling them at Heli market at low prices. But the number of buyers has decreased a lot.

Shahabul Islam, an onion seller at Hilli Bazaar, said that the price has started to decrease due to the increase in the import of onions from India. It is currently selling at the rate of Tk 14 to Tk 15 per kg reduced by Tk 10.

According to the information of Hili Customs, 850 tons of onions were imported in 34 Indian trucks through Hili land port last Thursday.

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