Child Ayat was kidnapped and killed for ransom, and the heretic Abir was arrested

Child Ayat (6), who went missing 10 days ago from Bandartila area of ​​Chittagong, was strangled to death after being kidnapped for ransom. The Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) informed that a young man named Abir was arrested 10 days after he went missing. PBI also said that the heretic admitted to cutting the six-year-old child into six pieces and throwing it in Kattali Sagarpar.
According to the relevant sources, last Thursday night Abir Ali, the tenant of Ayats, was arrested from the house of pocket gate area of ​​Akmal Ali Road of CEPZ. After the arrest, the obstinate young man admitted the reason for the murder and that he cut the body into six pieces and threw it on the sea shore.
According to PBI sources, one of Ayat’s tenants named Abir Ali kidnapped Ayat on the afternoon of the incident for ransom. But Ayat screamed and strangled him to death. Later, he filled the market bag and took it to the house of Akmal Ali Road and cut it into six pieces. Then Kattali threw it on the shore of the sea. After the arrest, Abir Ali confessed everything. The knife and anti-cutter used for dismembering the body were recovered from Abir Ali’s house. Sources also said that after his arrest, an operation was carried out to recover the pieces of the body on the sea shore.
Incidentally, on November 15, Alina Islam Ayat went missing while going to study Arabic in the neighboring mosque from her house in Nayarhat Power Office area of ​​Bandartilar area of ​​EPZ police station of Chittagong. The next day, the child’s father, Sohail Rana, filed a missing diary in the EPZ police station.

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