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China threatened to take countermeasures against the US

Online desk: China has threatened to take countermeasures against the United States after the Biden government approved the sale of more than 110 billion dollars to Taiwan. At the same time, the Chinese government called on Washington to withdraw this decision immediately. American media CNN reported this information.

Chinese embassy spokesman Liu Pengyu said on Saturday local time, ‘China is strongly opposed to this arms deal. As a result, Sino-US relations and stability across the Taiwan Strait are being questioned.’

Meanwhile, the US State Department said that the defensive arms supply agreement is consistent with US policy and such an arms agreement is essential for Taiwan’s security. In this regard, however, China has accused the US of ‘interfering in internal affairs’.

Regarding this, Liu said in a Twitter post last Friday that by selling weapons to Taiwan, the United States interfered in China’s internal affairs and undermined China’s sovereignty and security interests. The US decision could send the wrong signal to Taiwan’s pro-independence separatist forces, while seriously threatening Sino-US relations and the peaceful situation across the Taiwan Strait.

Leo Pengyu called on the United States to honor its commitment to the one-China policy and ended his Twitter post by asserting that Taiwan is an inalienable part of Chinese territory. In that post, he warned the United States, “China will take necessary countermeasures against this decision of the United States.”

The Chinese Communist Party claims Taiwan as part of its territory. China has never directly ruled the island nation. However, China has vowed to reunify the island with the Chinese mainland, even if necessary by force.

US-China tensions have been on the rise since US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan last month. Immediately after Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, the Chinese government conducted several days of military exercises around the island of Taiwan.

Meanwhile, the Taiwanese government thanked the US government for the arms deal and continued implementation of its security commitments to Taiwan. Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on Saturday that Taiwan is determined to defend itself in response to China’s recent military provocations, changes in the stability situation and the creation of crises.

The ministry also said that this batch of arms deals includes a large number of missiles, which are needed to strengthen Taiwan’s self-defense. This agreement demonstrates the importance the US government attaches to the defense of Taiwan.

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