‘That scene of Pooja will be in the movie even if it is not in the trailer’ (VIDEO)


Pooja Cheri is the current popular actress. His movie ‘Psycho’ was released last Eid-ul-Azha. He was in discussion since his release.

The trailer of his new movie ‘Hridita’ was released on September 20. The movie is produced by Ispahani Arif Jahan on the story of Anisul Haque with government grant. He played the title role in it.

However, Pooja Cheri is seen naked in a scene in the trailer of the movie. ABM Suman, who portrays Pooja’s lover, is seen painting a picture of Pooja’s naked body with cotton scratches on the canvas.

Even though Pooja was caught on camera very smoothly, netizens could not accept her in such a form. As a result, fierce criticism started on social media about the scene. The offensive scene of Pooja in the face of a cannon has been omitted from the trailer.

‘Hridita’ has already received the clearance from the Censor Board. In reply to the question whether the ‘controversial’ scene of Pooja which has been omitted from the trailer will be omitted from the movie or not, the maker said ‘that scene will not be cut naked’.

In this regard, the producer said, my movie is censored. I never wanted people to criticize a shot of a few frames. I don’t want to say anything more about that scene. That’s why I deleted the scene from the trailer.

In this context, he also said that many people have seen the movie and no one said it was bad. Some people could not take it or didn’t understand suddenly watching the trailer without watching the whole movie, so they are criticizing. When the movie is released, the audience will not criticize it, but praise it. A thoroughly social movie; There are many things in it that are presented aesthetically. Anees Bhai (Anisul Haq) watched the movie. He likes it, he himself is promoting the movie from his Facebook ID. Posting regularly. If something bad happened, we wouldn’t have found him either.

Incidentally, ‘Hridita’ is going to be released in the theaters of the country on October 7. Based on fiction writer Anisul Haque’s novel, the movie of the same name is produced by duo director Ispahani Arif Jahan. ABM Suman is the hero of Pooja in the movie which received a government grant of Tk 55 lakh in the financial year 2019-20. It also stars Manas Banerjee, Saberi Alam, Arjuman Ara and others.

The article is in Bengali

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