With tears in her eyes, Devina-Gurmeet pierced her daughter’s ears to decorate the puja

Mumbai : Family in Mumbai, career there. But at the time of Durga Puja, the mind of Bengalis will be blown away! No matter how much you are outside of Bengal, actress Devina Banerjee will make Mumbai Bengali for the few days of Puja. Every year he performs puja on the shores of the Arabian Sea. Walk around the pandal. It will be the same this time, that is clear.

He has also planned the outfit for the puja. And this year’s puja is a little different. Not only the husband, actor Gurmeet Chowdhury, this time he will spend the puja with his daughter Liana. Apart from herself, Bangatnaya is worried about her daughter’s dress. And so the ears of the five-month-old daughter were broken in their own house. He posted that video on YouTube and Instagram.

On the first step, little Liana cried in ear-piercing pain. But next time he seems to be a little bigger. Liana calmly sat on her father’s lap and opened her second ear. For him, however, the ears were softened by applying ointment for a long time.

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Devina chose special gold ring for daughter. He told the audience, “Even in my childhood, my ears were pierced with gold rings. That’s why I have chosen the same pendant for my daughter.” After that, looking at her daughter, she said in a sweet tone, “I’m doing it, Liana. Don’t talk to me later as if I’m not listening. And we, mother and daughter, will wear beautiful dula during Durga Puja.”

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Gurmeet also got his ear along with his daughter. 38-year-old Gurmeet was a little more afraid to open his ears than five-month-old Liana. But the actor listened to the words of all the family members.

The star couple of Mumbai television gave birth to a daughter on April 3. Four months later, on August 16, Ram-Sita announced the arrival of their second child on Instagram. The star couple is expecting their second child in Liana Kole.

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First published: September 22, 2022, 16:53 IST

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