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Today is the last day to apply for the National Film Awards

Today is the last day to apply for the National Film Awards
Today is the last day to apply for the National Film Awards

Ministry of Information has invited applications from producers for National Film Awards 2021. The application will be accepted in 28 departments till 5 pm on Thursday (September 22). The matter was informed in a statement sent by the Directorate of Information on Tuesday.

Producers who wish to participate in the competition have to apply in the prescribed schedule, the information said. Application form and schedule can be collected from Bangladesh Film Censor Board office free of charge.

Application form can also be downloaded from Censor Board website Appropriate quality CD, DVD and pen drive of the relevant film should be submitted with each application.

According to the National Film Awards policy, only Bangladeshi nationals will be considered for the National Film Awards. Films made in joint production will be considered for the award, but foreign artists and crew of the joint production film will not be considered for the award.

A film to be considered for the National Film Award must be certified by the Bangladesh Film Censor Board and released theatrically in the year under consideration (2021).

There is no requirement for theatrical release in case of short and documentary films, but they have to get censor certificate in the year under consideration (in 2021).

The first National Film Award was presented in 1975. The National Film Awards are given to individuals and best films and documentaries for their significant contribution to the growth and development of the film industry by the Government of Bangladesh.

No award was given in 1981. Because the jury board did not consider any film worthy of award. Apart from this, in 2008, the government simultaneously announced the National Film Awards for four years (2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007).

The winners are awarded a medal of 15 grams of eighteen carat gold, a replica of the medal, a certificate of appreciation. One lakh rupees is given to the lifetime awardee. The best full length film producer and the best short film producer are given 50 thousand rupees. Apart from this, the best documentary film producer, best film director is given 50 thousand taka and in other cases 30 thousand taka.

Later on the prize money amount is increased. From the month of November 2019, lifetime awardees are given 3 lakh taka, best producer and director 2 lakh taka and others 1 lakh taka.


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