CPM | Left Front piles pressure on ED-CBI from huge gathering

CPM | Left Front piles pressure on ED-CBI from huge gathering
CPM | Left Front piles pressure on ED-CBI from huge gathering

Left Front warned to increase pressure on ED, CBI to speed up corruption investigation. The Left leaders held a huge rally near the CGO complex in Bidhannagar and lashed out at the central organization and the central government. If Trinamool Congress leaders caught in their warnings, corruption or scams are released again showing lack of evidence, then the regional office of ED-CBI will not be here due to protests! However, BJP and Trinamool have simultaneously counter-attacked this program of the Left.

The Left Front had called for the CGO Complex raid demanding speedy completion of the investigation process and to get to the bottom of the corruption ring. The police, however, did not allow the stage to be set up on the CGO complex premises early on Friday, and the decorators’ belongings were also removed. The CPM leaders then threatened to lay siege to the Bidhannagar Commissionerate if the state police prevented the protest against the central agency. Finally, the police cordoned off the small stage on the opposite side of the CGO complex. Left workers-supporters came there in three processions from Laketown, Hadco and Baisakhi Mor. The crowd in the gathering was as visible as it could be.

CPM Politburo member Suryakant Mishra said, “Corrupt people should go to jail.” Those who are here have stolen and are being caught. But those who are running the government of Delhi, they are dacoits!” According to Suryababu, “only stealing is looting, it is not. Absurd rise in prices, no employment, all wealth going into the hands of a handful of people – those who have created this situation in Delhi are big robbers! Our fight is against all of them.”

CPM State Secretary Mohammad Saleem targeted Trinamool and BJP in the same tone. According to him, “ED, CBI has still arrested four cases of corruption. 12 more times to be done. There is no peace until the full 16 Annas are recovered. ED-CBI follows Amit Shah’s words. They are moving like turtles now. But they are supposed to run like horses!” Left Front chairman Biman Basu also said that there is no reason to discount the BJP. According to them, the CBI-ED has come down on the orders of the judges as the job-seekers approached the courts with just demands and there is no ‘accomplishment’ of the BJP. RSP leader Ashok Ghosh’s comment, “Not all Trinamool are thieves.” But all thieves are grassroots!

Chief Minister said to give ‘hero’s honor’ to Anubrata Mandal. Birbhum district president of Trinamool was acquitted in a case of Mangalkot because the police could not provide evidence. Referring to these two topics, Selim’s warning on this day, “The Chief Minister calls Anubrata a hero, but he could not go to the house of the dead students and tell them, I am ashamed!” This government is on the side of the scoundrels, telling the nobles to stand up. If ED-CBI says tomorrow, they have not found anything against Perth-Anubrata, then their office will not be here! More people will come down the road.”

State BJP chief spokesman Shamik Bhattacharya, however, countered, “Failure to regain relevance! I will ask to speed up the investigation in Bengal and oppose the investigation if it goes outside Bengal, people will not accept this duplicity. Forgetting that, who will take such a shameless position except the left! People have become accustomed to seeing the joint program of Left-BJP in this state. Such gatherings probably did!”Buddha-daughter Suchetna Bhattacharya, however, has already claimed that her father’s comments about the ‘cabinet of thieves’ which were written in her mouth in a section of the media, she did not say at all.

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