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Evergreen singer Abida Sultana in the movie song

About the seventies and eighties. It was the golden age of Bengali films. The impact of Bengali cinema on family and social life is severe. Without cinema, the life of the middle class is completely colorless. There is great excitement and enthusiasm in talking and talking about the actors and actresses and singers of the movie in and outside the house. And everyone was eagerly waiting to hear a favorite song from the movie on the radio. Because of this, no one wanted to miss the radio’s ‘advertising waves’, ‘uroodheer asar’ or ‘durbar’ of the Saiyan brothers. Movie songs sung by favorite artistes on these occasions really filled the hearts of the waiting audience with a different kind of joy.

Ferdowsi Rahman, Anjuman Ara Begum, Shahnaz Rahmatullah, Runa Laila and Sabina Yasmin became very popular among the playback singers of the film at that time. Their popular songs sung in films are on people’s lips. The song played on the radio on a boring afternoon or a lively night is like a sweet moment for the listeners. Just at that time, a young singer’s unique vocal offering caused a stir everywhere. She is singer Abida Sultana. Our music is a bright star in the sky, a diamond. A voice that is still very alive, vibrant. Who is also unique in singing style. On television live or on stage, she is still vibrant, attractive, incomparable, evergreen. You can still captivate the audience with the melody. Although many of his time are not seen much now, he is in the illusion and shadow of Sur. The audience is still unquestionably mesmerized when they hear the popular movie songs sung by him in his own voice.

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Among the songs played by Abida Sultana in Bengali films in the seventies and eighties, several songs are timeless. The appeal, beauty and nobility of those songs have not been exhausted. Many film names and heroines are still not lost because of his songs. It’s as if the song has put the names of the movies in front and in memory.


Abida Sultana still shines with richness of tone. Still charming, still vibrant. When he goes to sing, he destroys himself. He still strives to keep the spirit of each song intact as can be seen on stage and on television live. That is why Abida Sultana and Abida Sultana are synonymous with the song of that movie with its poetic words and unique melody.

This singer has played back many films. Notable among these are- ‘Ye Kare Bi’, ‘Storm Bird’, ‘Abar Tora Manho Ha’, ‘Titas A River Name’, ‘Alo Tumi Aleya’, ‘Talukdar’, ‘Ferrari Basant’, Nantughtak’ ‘Ujanbhati’, ‘ Bajimat, ‘Lal Mem Sahib’, ‘Time Now’, ‘Holiday Bell’, ‘Akheri Nishan’, ‘Sudaasal’, ‘Reward’, ‘Thirst’, ‘Banjaran’, ‘Radhakrishna’, Nimai Sannyasi’, ‘Birthmaker’, ‘Maan Abhiman’, ‘Milantara’, ‘Maranapan’, ‘Rangabhavi’, ‘Pagli’, ‘Rajmahal’, ‘Khonjkhabar’, ‘Under the Bright Sun’, ‘Sonar Nao Pabaner Baitha’, ‘Dusyu Phoolan Devi’, ‘Mahua’ Sundari’, ‘Agnisakshar’, ‘Dasurani’, ‘Iman’, ‘Bauma’ ‘After Death’, ‘Crown and Sword’, ‘Story of Life’. There are many more movies.

He made his first playback in the film in the film ‘Nimai Sannasi’ directed by Sirajul Islam Bhuiyan. She was very young then. The lyrics were ‘Raag Korona Vishnupriya.’ Anwar Kabir was the composer. Abida Sultana should come in a new form after independence. In 1973, Yusuf Zahir’s film ‘Ye Kare Biye’ was released. In this film, composer Aamir Ali sang the song ‘What is the value of love/ I don’t understand it’. Popular actress Babita’s lip song won everyone’s hearts. The song played on the radio day and night. The melody of the song spread to remote Bengal. This year he also sang in the film ‘Jharer Pakhi’ directed by CB Zaman. Shabana’s song ‘Khan Gopne Nile Thani Nayane/ I didn’t know anything’ in the tune of Khan Ata has made a different place in the hearts of young girls. These two songs are unique in their own way. Both songs opened the door to take him to unique heights. But the main surprise comes a little late. This year, renowned director, composer-lyricist Khan Ata produced the much-talked-about film ‘Abar Tora Manhoos Ha’. In this film, Abida Sultana plays back ‘You wanted to know/why you like me so much. This song has been immortalized in Babita’s lyrics. Sung by Abida Sultana’s smooth voice, the popularity of this song has not diminished at all. Rather, the appreciation of this song is increasing day by day. Not because of the seventies, eighties, but still this song is sung by some people in school and college dramas.

Abida Sultana said, this song was recorded at the International Studio in Tejgaon. After the release of this film, he went to the cinema and watched the film. But he never talked to actress Babita about this song. Abida Sultana also admits that the song has touched people’s hearts because of the lyrics, melody and great visuals. And so he has to defend the request to sing this song when he gets on stage.

Abida Sultana in the voice of the very popular Bhupen Hazarika in Alamgir Kabir’s ‘Seemana Periye’, ‘Bumurta ae ratri amar mauntar sutooy bona ranindar’, in Subal Das’ Suwe Dilip Som’s ‘Talukdar’ in ‘A ki bandhne bolo jraale amay/ Bhabi jatobar’ in ‘Talukdar’ directed by Subal Das Mori Lajayaay’, ‘Ami Sat Sagar Pardi Die/ Why I’m Lying on the Beach’ in ‘Alo Tumi Aleya’, ‘If I Had Had You Before’ in ‘Bajimat’ directed by Chazhi Nazrul Islam and directed by Gholam Hussain Lado, Ibn Mizan in Mansoor Ahmed’s music. Directed by ‘Taj O Talwar’, ‘Nayane Rekha Nayan/ Kari Tome Apan’ in Sheikh Sadi Khan’s music, ‘Ekta Dolana Je Petam’ directed by Abdullah Al Mamun, directed by Sheikh Sadi Khan, ‘Ekta Dolana Je Petam’ directed by Akhtaruzzaman-Rafiquzzaman, ‘Ferrari Basant’ directed by Akhtaruzzaman-Rafiquzzaman. Nadi’, Alauddin Ali’s music directed Ashok Ghosh’s ‘Nishana’ directed ‘Em Keane Ekdan Prem Die Jae’, Satya Saha’s music directed CB Zaman’s ‘Uzanbhati’ directed ‘Day Katha Dine Good Night Katha Raate’, Mita’s ‘Maan Abhiman’ directed ‘ I will go to the astrologer’, directed by Matin Rahman in the film ‘Radhakrishna’ to the tune of Imtiaz Ahmed Bulbul. There are many more songs like A Madhu Jochnae’, ‘Chutir Jhanta’ in the movie ‘Chutir Jhanta’ in the music of Satya Sahar directed by Azizur Rahman, ‘Harjit Chirdin Kahehi’ in the movie ‘Puraskar’ in the music of Satya Sahar directed by CB Zaman.

Apart from this, some of his songs sung in films with co-artists are very popular. Paired with life partner Rafiqul Alam in CB Zaman’s rural Bengali romantic film ‘Ujanbhati’ composed by renowned composer Satya Sahar, he sang ‘Ek Nadihi ei Ujanbhati Amra Dhara Dhara’ in Gazi Mazharul Anwar’s ‘Nantughtak’ directed by Andrew Kishore with ‘Chale Amar Cycle Hawar’. Bege Wira Wira’, ‘Nana Padbo Na Re’ in the film ‘Trishna’ directed by Mita, composed by Satya Sahar, ‘Ae Valbosha Kadho Thacha’ sung with Syed Abdul Hadi in the film ‘Himmawali’, composed by Alauddin Ali, directed by Ashok Ghosh, directed by Bulbul Ahmed and composed by Alauddin Ali. Sung with Subir Nandi in ‘Rajlakshi Srikanth’ ‘Vidhi Kamal Kariya Pathalo Amay/ Laglamanato Karo Pujate’, also sung ‘Madhavi Kunje/ Punje Punje’ in Alauddin Ali’s ‘Sud Asal’ directed by Mita with Subir Nandi. There are more songs that have been immortalized in Abida Sultana’s voice.

Abida Sultana has been lucky enough to sing the tunes of all the legendary composers of this country. None of them are alive except two. Sheikh Saadi is the composer of several popular songs of Abida Sultana. I asked him about Abida Sultana. In the 1980s, composer Sheikh Sadi first made his debut as a music director with the film ‘Ekhani Saam’ directed by Abdullah Al Mamun. Abida Sultana’s ‘Ekta Dolna Je Petam’ song in this film has not lost its melodious sweetness. When asked about Abida Sultana about this song, he said, ‘She was very promising then. Impossible emotion and melody in the voice. I decided to sing the song with him. I sang with him at the Ipsa Recording Studio. The popularity of the song is still the same as before. No doubt this song is a wonderful creation.’ He gave his voice in several songs of the film ‘Ujanbhati’, which won the hearts of the people of rural Bengal. The heroes and heroines of this film are lost but the songs keep them alive. Abida Sultana and Rafiqul Alam’s two songs ‘Ek Nidiri E Uzanbhati’ and ‘Din Katha Din Bado’ became super duper hits in this film. These two songs are still very much alive. It is known from the director of this film, CB Zaman, that the film’s composer Satya Saha, lyricist Gazi Mazharul and he together decided to give Abida Sultana a song. Before this, CB Zaman sang songs with Abida Sultana in the first film ‘Jharer Pakhi’. As a result, there was no shortage of confidence. Director CB Zaman said about the songs of this film, ‘Abida Sultana’s songs that won everyone’s hearts with her songs are still intact. I can still hear the songs on the streets. I feel blessed when I hear these songs.’

Abida Sultana has kept the popular songs sung by herself in the film. He loves to spread the tunes of these songs on television live and in functions or stage programs. By putting your hands on the harmonium reed, you can understand the popularity of songs such as ‘Bimurta Ae Ratri Amar’ or ‘Eki Badhne Bolo Mori Lajaya’ or ‘Ekt Dolana Je Petam’, the appeal has not ended at one point. So, these star songs of our music industry do not hesitate to give a perfect gift.

Abida Sultana’s birthday was a few days ago. On this day, he was sitting at his house talking about movie songs. He was saying the same old thing. Gratefully recalling, he said, ‘Surkar Khan Ata, Subal Das, Mansoor Ahmed, Satya Saha, Sheikh Sadi Khan – their contribution to the popular songs of movies sung by me is very much. They are forever remembered, forever respected by me.’ But Abida Sultana has some regrets about the song of the movie. Abida Sultana feels that she was also a victim of internal politics during that golden age of cinema. And because of that, the much more it deserved, the more it was supposed to contribute to the world of film music—was a little stymied. But this feeling of regret is sure to disappear. When he eloquently sings ‘A river of distant wails / Crying no ghats / I have seen a sea of ​​embraces / In the stream of that sea there is only the touch of breath / There is the caress of love.’

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