Why Bouli Chishti in Magic Bouliana!

Why Bouli Chishti in Magic Bouliana!
Why Bouli Chishti in Magic Bouliana!

Recently, Chishti Baul, the famous bowler of the country, was seen as a contestant in the reality show ‘Magic Bowliana’ of Machranga Television. Many people are surprised to see that!

When the video of his performance went viral on social media, a lot of criticism started about it.

In this regard, Rumman Rashid Khan, co-manager (programme and creative in charge) of the reality show and Machranga said, ‘I heard from his mouth that he had written his name in this competition in a previous season too. But did not appear in the audition. He is a talented artist. We were shocked to see him among the 20,000 contestants in Dhaka Zone in the initial audition. There is no one to judge his songs. ‘

He also said, “But Chishti Baul Nachhorbanda, will compete. Later in the studio round, the main judges were in great danger, saying, ‘How can we play your song, we are your fans. ‘ Chishti Baul then said, ‘My hobby for a long time…. Finally, other judges including Shafi Mandal said, “Since the rules of the competition do not say that no popular artist can participate, there is no age limit, so we do not have the authority to exclude him.” Chishti Baul then said that he will accept the way the judges judge. ”

Rumman also said, ‘Machranga authority never wants any publicity by selling his name or dishonoring him. We do not support such activities. ‘

Currently the fourth season of ‘Magic Bouliana’ is running on Machranga Television. Baul Shafi Mondal, Shahnaz Beli and Arif Dewan are the judges for this season. There are 18 artists in the main stage selected from more than 50 thousand contestants from all over the country. Of these, three groups of six are arranged in the studio round. Chishti Baul is in a group.

Bangladesh Time: 1624 hours, September 22, 2022

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