Dighi is the victim of bullying again!

Pray Fardin Dighi

Fardin Dighi made his film debut as a child artiste. That little Dighi is now a full-fledged heroine. This actress has already started working on the big screen. However, Dighi is often bullied about her weight on social media.

Although she has been silent about the matter for a long time, this actress recently opened her mouth. In a status on his verified Facebook page, the star wrote, ‘Everyone is very worried about my weight! In fact, they have forgotten that I am an actor, whose job is to act, not a gym trainer.’

He also said, ‘I have been hearing for a long time, I am not fitness conscious. But I am trying my best to do that. But still there are some people, who take great devilish pleasure in hearing them. I don’t like it at all.

An actress should be judged by her work first. Since I am an actress, my first job is to act. You will see the rest later. If I have to check you can act or not, do it.

This star actress, who won the National Award as a child artist, also said, ‘It seems that everyone is not taking it easy after keeping quiet for a long time. So I thought, let’s see what happens with the status. Because, everyone should understand this fact that the world has now advanced much more than before. If we are still stuck in the previous thinking that heroine means slim figure, heroine means zero figure, then there will be no heroine. This thing should come out.’

Incidentally, Dighi started her journey as a heroine in movies last year. His first movie was Tum Acho Tum Nei. Then he was seen in the movie ‘Tungipara Miyabhai’. Apart from this, he made his debut on the OTT platform a few days ago through a web film named ‘Shesh Chiti’. Where Yash Rohan acted opposite to her. Dighi’s performance in this has been widely appreciated.

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