Persa Eva is flying in Poland

Persa Eva is flying in Poland
Persa Eva is flying in Poland

Entertainment Desk: He is basically a dancer. At the age of 4, he started dancing. After that, he participated in many trainings in the country and abroad. Received national level awards in classical dance. He became the champion again in a TV reality show based on dance. But the audience knows her as an actress.

I am talking about the famous face of the time Parsa Ivana. A few years ago, he came to the attention of the audience by acting in a play called ‘Deyaler Opare Tumi’. After that, he was seen in several popular dramas. Ivana continues to impress with the character of Eva in the current record number of views ‘Bachelor Point’. Parsa is deeply involved with dancing even though she is popular as an actress. That’s why he is flying from Dhaka to Poland in Europe.

He will leave Dhaka on September 13. He said, “The 12th Cultural Folk Festival will be organized by the Embassy of Poland. Dancers from different countries will come there. They will present the traditions and culture of their respective countries. I and our dance team are going from Bangladesh.” That is, artists will also get a chance to win prizes by showing glimpses of dance.

How did you get involved with this festival? In response to such a question, Parsa Ivana said, ‘We have already performed at Shilpakala Academy and various government events. And our team leader Lima Apu organizes various programs outside the country. Basically he is the one who got the invitation to this festival. We are all going as members of his party.’

Persa Ivana said regarding the busyness of the drama, currently she is spending time with dance rehearsals as a preparation for the Poland tour. Therefore, he is not giving his hand to new work. Serial drama ‘Bachelor Point’ Season 4 is shooting some episodes, they will continue to air. After returning from Poland, he will start a new job.

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Commenting on the experience of working on ‘Bachelor Point’ and the response of the audience, Parsa Ivana said, ‘It is already a very popular serial. I never thought I could work here. But now, while working, everyone has become like a family. And if I talk about the response of the audience, I have been working for about 6-7 years. I haven’t received such love-response from any work yet.’

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