Kolkata News One Killed Due To An Tragic Accident In Paikpara

Kolkata: Another accident in Kolkata at night, the death of a young man after being hit by a lorry. A bike was hit by a lorry near Mohit Manch in Paikpara. The driver of the killer lorry has been arrested, the police of Tala police station are on the spot. Even at the end of the year, the metropolis witnessed one accident after another. Despite thousands of warning messages from the police, another death occurred in an accident.

Incidentally, the city of Kolkata has witnessed several accidents not only in the city at night but also in the morning. A terrible accident took place this month in Pragati Maidan police station area. Around 5:30 am, there was a head-on collision between an app cab going to EM bypass and a pick-up van going towards Beleghata on Canal South Road in Pagladanga under Pragati Maidan police station area. Seven people were injured, including pedestrians and the drivers of two vehicles. They were taken to NRS Hospital. How the accident happened, Pragati Maidan police are investigating. For the last few days, accidents have been happening one after the other in Chingrighata, Park Circus, Ma Udalpool. A woman died after being hit by a reckless car in Chingrighata. In this situation, questions are raised about the city’s traffic control system and citizen awareness.

On the other hand, in the same night, three accidents took place in Kolkata. Park Circus, Seven Point Crossing, MAA Flyover and Sinthi More are frequent accidents in Kolkata. Drunk driving charges at Park Circus. On the other hand, a car lost control and rammed into a lamp post inside Maa Udalpool. Another lorry was hit by another lorry in another incident in Sinthi early in the morning. It was 3:30 in the night. Sudden accident near Park Circus Seven Point Crossing. According to local sources, a car overturned after hitting a pillar on the side of the road. Residents of the area rushed to hear the loud noise.

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They rescued three people including the driver from the overturned car. A section of the locals alleged that the three including the driver were drunk. They left the area on foot shortly after the rescue. Police seized the accident car. An accident also happened at Ma Udalpul on the same night. A car lost control and rammed into a lighthouse inside the flyover. Due to the impact, the lamppost fell to the other lane. The driver abandoned the car after the accident, the police claimed. Again an accident happened in Sinthi in the early morning. A lorry was hit from behind by another lorry on BT Road. In the same night, in the heart of the city, a series of accidents are raising questions about the administrative surveillance.

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