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Manpower export to Comilla has regained momentum

Manpower export to Comilla has regained momentum
Manpower export to Comilla has regained momentum

Manpower export to Comilla has regained momentum

.. Kamal Atatürk missal.
Comilla (South), September 21, 2022 (BSS): Manpower export has picked up pace in the district. In the last two years, after overcoming the crisis of Corona virus, Comilla district has come back to export manpower to different countries of the world.
Sources of the Comilla District Manpower Export Office say that the labor market of Bangladesh turned upside down after the outbreak of the epidemic corona virus in 2019. As a result, the speed of manpower export slows down. However, in 2021, Jan Shakti Raptani started to see the light of day. Which was on pace throughout the year. As a result, the speed of the pre-epidemic period has returned. More than 50,000 manpower has been exported from Comilla district to different countries till August this year. Even if the labor market is not opened again, the demand is increasing from the old market, said the concerned people. 68 thousand 167 people were exported in 2021, 24 thousand 189 people in 2020 and 65 thousand 941 people in 2019. The head of the office said that 1300 to 1400 million dollars are coming to the country from Comilla district every year. In other words, the expatriates of this district are sending 100 million dollars to the country every month. Most of the residents of Comilla are from Chauddagram, Laksam, Daudkandi and Sadar upazilas. Apart from this, expatriates of other upazilas also send significant amount of foreign currency.
Those related to the manpower sector say that the economy of many countries has started to turn around due to the decrease in the spread of coronavirus. Due to which job opportunities are being created. In addition, the Malaysian labor market is also going to open. All in all, the people concerned think that the export of manpower will increase in the new year.
Meanwhile, the export of women’s manpower has also increased compared to previous years. Till August 2022, 12 percent women workers from this district have gone abroad for work in different countries of the world. Immigration experts say that more workers can be sent to the labor market if women can be given a working environment and security. Therefore, the Comilla District Labor and Manpower Export Office is conducting an awareness campaign to increase training skills to ensure safe migration.
Debbrata Ghosh, Head of District Labor and Manpower Export Office, told Buses that women’s migration is an important addition to the migration process. The current government is committed to ensuring safe, regular, orderly and responsible immigration, curbing human trafficking, eliminating the burden of middlemen in the foreign employment process, reducing high immigration costs, protecting the rights of migrant workers, ensuring the safety and welfare of migrant workers and their families. He pointed out that if you go abroad after becoming skilled with training, you will get both money and respect. He said that there is little chance of profiting by going abroad at this time without education or training. Every country in the world now assesses skills. Nobody wants unskilled people anymore. So now those who import manpower will prioritize skills first. Therefore, if you want to go abroad for the purpose of earning from Bangladesh, it is important to be trained first. So we are working on enhancing training skills to ensure safe immigration every 12 months from our office.

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