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Even if the price of paddy has increased in Naogaon, the worries of the farmers are not over

Even if the price of paddy has increased in Naogaon, the worries of the farmers are not over
Even if the price of paddy has increased in Naogaon, the worries of the farmers are not over

The price of paddy has started increasing in Naogaon. The price of paddy has increased by Tk 100 to Tk 180 per maund in the last 15 days in various markets of the district. Some of the farmers are apparently relieved by this, but the abnormal increase in the prices of other commodities including diesel-fertilizer does not ease their worries.

The rice farmers say that the traders increase or decrease the price of rice by making a syndicate. In the end, the farmers have to be deprived of getting the fair price of rice. In this situation, they demanded strong monitoring of the market.

According to the information of the District Agricultural Extension Department, Aush rice seedlings have been planted in 55 thousand 500 hectares of land in Naogaon this year. Where the target of produced rice has been set at 2 lakh 56 thousand 410 metric tons.

Hatbar was held in Saraswatipur of Mahadevpur upazila of the district on Tuesday (September 20) and Sunday (September 18) at Chakgouri. It has been seen that these two huts are being sold at the price of 1140 to 1280 taka depending on the type.

Farmers complained that they had to sell Aush paddy at Tk 800 to Tk 900 a few days ago. The price of that paddy is now 1000 to 1200 taka per maund. Just when the quantity of paddy has decreased due to the farmers, the price has been increased in the market. Farmers do not get fair price of paddy even though business syndicates collect extra profit.

Zahurul Islam, a farmer of Phulbari village in Mahadevpur upazila, told Jago News that he sold 15 maunds of Parija paddy at Tk 1,150. But a few days ago this paddy was sold for 900 to 1000 taka. Small and medium farmers like us suffer because of the business syndicates. There is no option to increase the administration’s surveillance in this regard.

Feroz Hossain, a farmer of Bamanchata village, said that the rains are less this year. Fertilizer and oil prices have also increased. As a result, the cost of Aush paddy cultivation has also increased compared to last year. In addition, the price of goods in the market is increasing. Compared to that, we are not getting the price of rice. If the price of paddy was at least Tk 1400-1500, the farmer would have been saved to some extent.

Paddy trader Rashid Traders proprietor Abdur Rashid told Jago News that 12-13 trucks of Aush paddy were sold in Saraswatipur market some time ago and the price was low. Currently it has reduced to 10 trucks. About 4000 maunds of paddy are being imported in the market. An average of 1100 rupees is being sold at 40-44 lakh rupees. The price of rice is increasing in the market due to the decrease of rice due to farmers.

Paddy trader Nazrul Islam said, 15 days ago Parija paddy was sold at the price of Tk 1050. Currently it is being sold at Tk 1130-1150. Jirasail paddy was sold at Tk 1200-1230. Now selling at 1250-1280 taka. Besides, 76 varieties of paddy are being sold at Tk 1200-1220 per maund. Which was 1100-1130 taka a few days ago. As the import of paddy is low, the market is bullish. The price of paddy may increase further.

In this regard, General Secretary of Naogaon Sadar Upazila Chaul and Bhushimal Samity Salauddin Khan Tipu told Jago News that rice mill owners are buying paddy to maintain the market. Rice mill owners are losing Tk 50-100 per bag to make rice from these paddy. But the rice market is stable. It is said that there is a buyer crisis in the market.

He said that under the food friendly program of the government, the market of rice is under control due to the sale of food products in the open market or OMS and various programs of the government.

Abbas Ali/MKR/MS

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