Death | Santiniketan Child Death: Body of the child recovered from the roof of a house dgtld

Death | Santiniketan Child Death: Body of the child recovered from the roof of a house dgtld
Death | Santiniketan Child Death: Body of the child recovered from the roof of a house dgtld

Shubham Thakur (5) was killed due to family dispute? This is the question that the investigators are thinking about after the initial investigation in Santiniketan child murder. Initially, the police came to know that the child was killed and the body was placed on the asbestos roof. Not only that, the body was covered with chaat so that no one could see it!

Shambhu Thakur and Mamata Thakur’s younger son Shubham, residents of Moldanga in Santiniketan, went missing from their neighborhood on Sunday morning while going out to buy biscuits. On Tuesday, it was learned that the child’s body was lying on the roof of a neighbor’s house in Shambhu. On receiving the information, the police came and recovered the child’s body by climbing the roof of the house made of brick walls and asbestos canopy. It can be seen that Shubham’s body is packed on the asbestos roof. The dead body was recovered by removing the bag cover. It has been sent for autopsy. Also, the neighbor woman has been arrested. He is being interrogated. The woman’s mother was also arrested.

The roof of the house is being vandalized. — own image.

According to local sources, Shambhu is a barber by profession. He has a salon in the area. Shubham’s unmarried neighbor (in whose house Shubham’s body was found) had an affair with Hubal Bauri, an employee of the same salon. About six months ago, there was a disturbance between Shambhu and the woman’s family. According to local residents, the woman wanted to marry Hubal. But at that time Shubham’s father Shambhu forbade Hubal to marry. The two did not marry after that. The woman also complained to the police station against Hubble. Hubble is currently in jail based on that charge. According to local residents, since then, the woman has been angry with Shambhu’s family. That is why the investigators initially think that he killed Shubham. After that Shubham suddenly went missing and everyone became suspicious of the woman. Locals informed the police. After that the police came and recovered Shubham’s body.

Superintendent of Police of Birbhum Nagendranath Tripathi said that they will look into the whole matter. In his words, “On receiving the information about the disappearance, the police formed six teams and started looking for the child.” I searched house to house. The house was also searched. The roof was also searched. Villagers also search. Sniffer dogs were brought in. We also planned where else to look. But I could not imagine that the body would be on that roof. It is unfortunate that we could not save the child. The woman will be interrogated to see if anyone else is behind it.

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