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4 dead in lightning: Matikora village is in mourning

4 dead in lightning: Matikora village is in mourning
4 dead in lightning: Matikora village is in mourning

Families are mourning the death of 4 people due to lightning in Matikora Dakshinpara village of Panchkroshi Union of Sirajganj’s Ullapara. Locals cannot accept such death in front of their eyes.

A similar scene was seen on Friday (September 9) morning in Matikora village.

The victims of Matikora village are Shah Alam (40), Abdul Quddus (60), Ratna Khatun Ritu (12) and Maria (7).

In that incident, Noor Jahan (9) and her sister Noor Nahar Nadi (12), Rupa (12) and Amina (13) are undergoing treatment at the hospital. Among them, Noor Nahar Nadi is admitted in Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College Hospital in critical condition.

Ritu’s father Abdul Alim said, ‘My daughter goes to bathe in a pond near the house. At that moment, when it started raining, he stood under the tin roof of that shallow house. In this condition lightning occurs. After we got the news, we went there and saw Ritu lying in the muddy water. When she was rescued and taken to the hospital, the doctor declared my daughter dead.’

Nurul Islam Pramanik, father of deceased Shah Alam said, ‘My son sells rice seedlings to the people of Shibpur village. Shah Alam goes to the land with others to pick saplings. We later learn that Shah Alam died in a lightning strike. Three others from the same village died along with Shah Alam.’

Maria’s father said, ‘I was in the market. The news came from home that the girl was injured by lightning. After coming home, I saw that the girl was gone. He was buried in the local cemetery that night.’

Sampa Khatun, daughter of deceased Shah Alam and girlfriend of deceased Ritu, said, ‘I lost my father in lightning. I also lost my girlfriend in the same incident. This situation is not to be understood.’

Meanwhile, almost everyone including Shah Alam’s mother, Ritu’s mother, Maria’s mother is in mourning. They can’t even speak.

Md. Manik Hossain said, immediately after the lightning, a child came running and informed about the casualties. Later I went to the spot and found everyone lying in different places. The fire service was then informed. Later they came and rescued everyone and sent them to different hospitals.

Khadem Azgar Ali of the local Matikora Central Cemetery said that the funeral of the deceased was completed on Thursday night (September 8) and the burial was completed around 12:30 pm.

Chairman of Panchkroshi Union Parishad Touhidul Islam Firoz said that the local people cannot accept the death of 9 people including 5 people from the same family. Everyone in the area is mourning. Mourning is going on at the house of the deceased. The atmosphere has become heavy with tears. No one has the language to comfort them.

Ullapara Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Ujjal Hossain said that 9 people died in the lightning incident. Among them, two have a brother-in-law relationship and four have a father-son relationship. The site has been visited. Each deceased family has been given a donation of 25 thousand taka by the Deputy Commissioner.

The article is in Bengali

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