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No grandfather, Ekdalia can not think! Subrata-less worship is not evergreen

No grandfather, Ekdalia can not think! Subrata-less worship is not evergreen
No grandfather, Ekdalia can not think! Subrata-less worship is not evergreen

Kolkata : Mandap structure is almost ready. The weapon is polished. Pooja is being done after the covid tomorrow. So this time the light will increase. He is not the only one who used to sit in the club in the evening and watch all the puja with a keen eye Ekadalia Puja is being held and Subrata Mukhopadhyay is not there. But Ekdalia members say, who said no. He is divine.

Swapan Mohapatra, the treasurer of Ekdalia, was telling the story of the puja. According to him, the worship of Ekdalia and Subrata have been synonymous since the 1970s. By 1970, Subrata became the state president of Chhatra Parishad. The youngest home minister of the state. Information and Culture Minister or Fire Minister by 1972. But not just ministry or leadership, it is also a prominent feather in the crown of Ekadalia puja captain Subrata Mukherjee.

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Various stories about Ekdalia and Subrata Tan. Even on this day, Subrata said with a smile, “I was the one who stopped the grand puja of firemen in Calcutta at that time. For the worship of Ekdalia!”Subrata told the story in his own mouth! He went to Satan ‘CM’ Siddharth Shankar Roy and said, how does the fire brigade do Durga Puja in a secular country! Apart from that, there can be danger during puja. Firefighters are busy with Puja if the accident happens! The Chief Minister agreed to his words! Puja of firemen is closed. On that occasion, Ramesh Chandra Pal came to Subrata Puja. Ekdalia didn’t change the character of Puja even with the theme of Calcutta Puja.

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Subrata Mukuj’s bandha Buli, ‘I do not theme, I worship!’ Puja is being held this time too. The puja is being done according to Subrata Mukherjee’s words, not the theme. Construction of pandal has started in Ekdalia square Club members can’t think of 80 years of puja, no Subrata. Although the resolution of the puja will be in the name of Subrata Mukhopadhyay. Besides, there is an audio-video presentation planned with Subrata Mukherjee Last September 1, Ekdalia was absent from the puja thanksgiving procession to thank UNESCO. They will not be in Pujo Carnival But even if Subrata Mukhopadhyay is not there, Ekdalia’s passion will remain

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First published: September 04, 2022, 15:44 IST

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