Tairin died after 19 days of marriage

Tairin died after 19 days of marriage
Tairin died after 19 days of marriage

After just 19 days of marriage, the body was Zaheda Afrin alias Taireen, a housewife in Kamlar Dighi area of ​​Ward No. 3, Noapara Union, Raujan, Chittagong. He said that area. Ismail’s wife.

After the autopsy on Saturday, his father’s house was buried in Shantirhat Sapleja neighborhood of Pomra Union of Rangunia Upazila.

Earlier on Friday at 9 am, the police recovered her body from her husband’s house in Dighi area of ​​Kamala.

Tairin Sapleja neighborhood expatriates. Yusuf’s daughter. He is the third among four siblings. Taireen Pomra was admitted to the Kamil (MA) Department of Hadith at Rangunia Alamshah Para Kamil Madrasah after Fazil (Degree) from Jameul Uloom Madrasa.

Meanwhile, Taireen’s in-laws said her death was a suicide. But Tairin’s family has claimed it was premeditated murder. He has been accused of being tortured to death.

Tairin’s younger brother. Ibrahim accused the sister’s husband Ismail and said, ‘He killed my sister. Basarat tortured my sister. That night he was physically injured. He was taken to the hospital the next morning. His body required three stitches. This shows how much my sister was in trouble.’

Tairin’s elder sister Rasheda Afrin said, ‘My sister was not allowed to contact us on the mobile phone. We were not even allowed to come home. When talking about coming, he used to make various excuses. Taireen’s husband Ismail never contacted me even though my daughter was admitted to the ICU of the hospital after falling ill. I married my sister to what kind of man.’

He also said, ‘If someone from our house saw Tairin, someone from their house would be with her sister. He would not give a chance to talk alone. Sister’s husband was intoxicated, drunk.’

Meanwhile Tairin’s husband. Ismail said, “What I have to say, I have told the Raujan police station. I said the day of the incident, how many times will I say? Tairin committed suicide with a rope with a fan. I don’t know why he committed suicide. Nothing happened to us.’

Tairin’s cousin. Faisal said, “When Taireen’s father came home from abroad at night, he was buried.”

Abdullah Al Haroon, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Raujan Police Station said, after the autopsy, the housewife Taireen was taken to her father’s house. A case of wrongful death has been taken in this regard. The details of the incident will be known after the autopsy report is received.

It should be noted that on August 15, Noapara Union of Raujan, Ward No. 3, Kamalar Dighi area, Gani’s home. Ismail was married to Zaheda Afrin. The deceased’s mother-in-law died 40 days ago. After the marriage, going to the father’s house caused conflict between the two families. Ismail’s family found Zaheda Afrin hanging on Friday morning, September 2.

(Dhakatimes/September 4/SM)

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