Unexpected suffering

Unexpected suffering
Unexpected suffering

Recently, one thing has made us think extremely. It is happening, Unlimited rise in commodity prices. As a result of this abnormal and sudden price increase, the purchasing power of the public has decreased. As a result, unexpected suffering has descended on the society. There are several reasons for this sudden price increase. Such anarchy is eternal in this country, Profiteers often increase the price of goods in the spirit of making more profits.

The recent uncontrollable rise in the prices of essential commodities has left the majority of people in misery.. As a result of the increase in commodity prices, the most affected are food and agriculture, Factory workers, Fixed income earners and people from middle class families. They are getting poorer and poorer day by day. On the other hand, big businessmen and industrialists are accumulating mountains of black money. This is the first price hike in the country, It is not. It has become an unavoidable problem in this country.

It is rare for any country in the world to create such a delicate situation due to increase in commodity prices. When this happens in other countries, protests erupt, The government has to be accountable to the people. In such a situation, even if the common people are happy, the corrupt employees are, Mahau of profiteerstall. Also, our currency is being devalued repeatedly in the international market. Our UtManufactured products are not able to compete in the global market. Some people are taking political-economic benefits in these incidents. Inhuman problems plague the country’s largest population, who are intoxicated with the pursuit of their own happiness., They are enemies of the country, Enemy of the people .

These aret And corrupt peopletThe sector is the need of the hour. The general public thinks that it is very important to pay the attention of public and private experts in this matter. As the prices of daily necessities continue to rise, the living conditions of the rest of the public, barring a few profiteers and the wealthy, have become miserable..

Eastern University, From Dhaka

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