killing the wife; Fugitive husband offers bribe to police in Canada

killing the wife; Fugitive husband offers bribe to police in Canada
killing the wife; Fugitive husband offers bribe to police in Canada

One hundred news Published: 03:17 pm, June 1, 2023

Ashraful Islam and Afroza couple came home from Canada three and a half months ago. He took his wife to his home in Dakshinkhan of the capital. After a long time they returned home and spent their days very happily.

In the meantime, a sensational event happened. Last Friday, Ashraful killed his wife and fled to Canada. This is what the relatives of Afroza have complained about.

Afroja’s father said, ‘Their village home is in Bhogdaburi area of ​​Domar upazila of Nilphamari. He has three sons and one daughter. Afroja has lived in Canada for almost 5 years. After the breakup of the first family, he married Ashraful a year ago. Afroza has two daughters and one son in her first marriage. Ashraful also separated from his first wife. He has a son there. After marriage, there was a love between them like Laili-Majnu. That’s what they showed us. They never let us understand that so much difference.’

He also said, ‘I spoke to the girl on the phone last Friday morning. He was scheduled to visit a hospital on Saturday to have his teeth checked. It is said that he will meet the girl after reaching the hospital from the village. However, I was able to contact the girl on Friday night. The next day I called the phone at least 30 times but no one was answering. I got scared after that. On reaching Dhaka on Saturday, I went to my daughter’s in-laws house in Dakshinkhane. After marriage, he never went to his son-in-law’s house in Dakshinkhan. I stepped into that house for the first time on Saturday. I took various things including sweets worth 13,000 taka. The people of that house could not give any answer when asked about the girl’s whereabouts. In the meantime, I came to know that the son-in-law left his daughter in Dhaka and went to Canada. Later, when I called the son-in-law, he said, Afroza will be brought after a few days. All were talking incoherently. Once said, a girl was kept in a house in Banani. After that, I will report to the police station.’

On Wednesday (May 31) night, the police recovered the body buried in the ground from the courtyard of the husband’s house in Dakshinkhane of the capital. The police came down to investigate and got shocking information.

It is known that last Friday around 8:30 pm, Afroza was hacked to death by her husband Ashraful and buried under the ground in front of the house. After that, he fled to Canada on Saturday. Take your wife’s mobile phone with you while leaving the country. The police recovered the body of the woman from that house in Dakshinkhan yesterday midnight. The place where the body was buried was covered with sand, so that no one could understand. The body was wrapped in a sheet and hidden in a hole. After learning about the incident, the crime scene member of CID went to Dakshin Khan.

Investigating officer of Dakshinkhan police station SI Rezia Khatun claimed that the people of Afroza’s in-laws’ house lured them to give Canadian visa with Tk 15 lakh to cover up the murder.

He said, ‘I went to Dakshinkhan’s house a few times after becoming GD. Interrogated the people of the house. This police officer baited – if Ashraful or someone from the family killed Afroza, then the investigating officer will save them. If necessary, the body will be hidden. At one point they admit. Ashraful confessed to killing his wife by calling from Canada. He also informed about the missing body inside the boundary wall of the house. After that, the killer wanted to talk to the investigating officer through video call. He offered him a huge bribe from Canada. Tk 15 lakh in cash and two family members to be taken to Canada. Ashraful, a resident of Canada, requested to move the body to another place with such a proposal.

Rezia also said that after the husband and wife returned to the country, there was a marriage of one crore rupees. The ceremony was held at Afroza’s village house. Ashraful was unhappy with the amount of money in the cabin. Since then there was a quarrel between them. Last Friday night, there was a fierce fight between husband and wife at Dakshinkhan’s house. At one point, he killed his wife inside the house by cutting it with a sword and kept the body hidden inside the boundary wall of his house. The next day he left the country with his daughter.

Police arrested Afroza’s father-in-law and other family members for questioning.

Uttara Divisional DC Mohammad Morshed Alam said that since the incident happened inside the house, there must be eyewitnesses. The place where the poo was placed, was also sanded a day earlier. From this it can be understood that his family is also aware of this murder.

A year ago, Ashraful and Afroza started their family life in Canada.

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