Ron DeSantis: Who is the rival of former US President Trump?

Ron DeSantis: Who is the rival of former US President Trump?
Ron DeSantis: Who is the rival of former US President Trump?

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Ron DeSantis: He is considered to be Donald Trump’s toughest challenger in the Republican Party

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has announced that he will seek the nomination for the presidential nomination from the Republican Party in the United States, finally ending all speculation. He is now expected to emerge as the strongest challenger to former President Donald Trump for the Republican nomination.

Mr. DeSantis portrays himself as a Trump-style conservative politician, but separates himself from Donald Trump’s bad names.

Mr. DeSantis is considered to be former President Donald Trump’s biggest challenger. Among those who have announced to run for president from the Republican Party, Mr. Trump is still ahead in public opinion polls.

The Republican Party will begin its candidate selection process in February next year as a rival to Joe Biden in next year’s presidential election in the United States.

There has been speculation for some time now whether Ron DeSantis will run for the Republican Party nomination.

Who is Ron DeSantis?

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Ron DeSantis with Donald Trump at the White House in April 2020.

Ron DeSantis is the Governor of Florida. He is widely known in the United States for his aggressive stance on cultural conservatism. He is very popular among the staunch conservatives of the Republican Party in the United States, many of whom worship him like a rock star. But the left describes him as a right-wing extremist.

He once considered Donald Trump as his political mentor. But later on, their relationship deteriorated. Now it is believed that there will be a strong fight between this former guru-disciple to get the nomination of the Republican Party.

Ron DeSantis is quite young compared to his rival, only 44 years old. He is also a newcomer in politics. He was first elected to the House of Representatives in 2012. Just six years later, in 2018, he was elected governor of Florida.

Mr. DeSantis was born in 1978 in Jacksonville, Florida. He studied history at Yale University. He was the captain of the basketball team at university. Later he also studied at Harvard Law School. During his second year there, he joined the US Navy as a commissioned officer. There he served in the Judge Advocate General (JAG) Department, the legal branch of the Navy. During his stay in this department he had to work with the prisoners of the Guantanamo detention camp. In addition, he was the legal advisor to the US Navy Seals team deployed in Iraq.

Mr. DeSantis was honorably discharged from the US Navy in 2010. However, he still served as a reservist in the Navy. It was during this time that he met his wife Casey for the first time. Casey was then a reporter for a local television channel.

After retiring from the Navy Mr. DeSantis began working as a federal prosecutor. In 2012, he contested a seat in Florida and won. It is considered the most conservative-leaning seat in Florida.

When he first entered Florida politics, he campaigned on ‘smaller government’ and lower taxes. At the same time, he was a harsh critic of the Obama administration.

He was a staunch critic of the government which, in his words, ‘want to turn a blind eye on everything from child obesity to global temperature’. Disantis.

After serving five years in Congress, in 2018 he formed a group called the “Freedom Caucus” with staunchly conservative members of Congress. He also expressed his desire to run for the governorship of Florida. Then President Donald Trump endorsed him as a candidate.

Donald Trump’s influence on Ron DeSantis’ campaign in the election was very clear.

Mr. in an election advertisement. DeSantis is seen playing with building blocks with his own child, saying, “Build the wall.” It was a big slogan in Donald Trump’s election campaign. Ron DeSantis is seen reading a book with his other son, holding a “Make America Great Again” sign. It was also Mr. Trump’s campaign slogan. At one stage of listening to his son reading a book, he said, “Then Mr. Trump said, ‘You’re fired – I really enjoyed that part.’

DeSantis as Governor of Florida

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Ron DeSantis during the 2018 Florida gubernatorial campaign

Mr. DeSantis was sworn in as Florida’s governor in January 2019.

His handling of the Covid pandemic in Florida drew national attention early on. He imposed a state-wide lockdown at the start of the pandemic, but he soon began lifting the restrictions again. In July 2020, when the rate of Covid infections in the United States reached its peak, he ordered the reopening of schools in Florida.

Since then in Florida, he has taken more hard-right positions on gun rights, the death penalty, and a crackdown on illegal immigration. He prohibited abortion beyond six weeks of pregnancy.

Ron DeSantis also got involved in a long legal dispute with the Disney company. As a result of all this, he became widely discussed as a possible Republican presidential candidate.

But as his political acquaintances and fame began to grow, his relationship with former political guru Donald Trump deteriorated again. Mr. Trump began saying that Ron DeSantis was elected governor in 2018 because of his support. Donald Trump also made many insulting comments about Ron DeSantis. He criticized his various policies.

According to some recent surveys, Mr. DeSantis still trails Donald Trump in the polls among Republicans. Mr. DeSantis, however, is trying to say that he is the best candidate to take Republicans back to the White House.

Can he beat Trump?

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Ron DeSantis with wife Casey during a visit to Tokyo last month

Ron DeSantis, as governor of Florida, already has a track record of success on issues that conservative Republicans care about in the United States. He also says that Donald Trump could not show any such success during his four years as president.

Ron DeSantis, as governor of Florida, has expanded firearms rights for people in the state, limited sexuality and gender identity curriculum in schools, restricted abortion rights, and tightened voting rules.

But at the same time, he has tried to show that he is not averse to taking action against big corporations, by taking a stand against Disney, where traditional Republicans favor more business-friendly policies.

But Mr. DeSantis entered the legal dispute with Disney primarily from the position of the hard-line conservative right in the ongoing debate over sexuality and gender identity in America.

Mr. as the governor of Florida. DeSantis limited what teachers could and could not teach about sexuality and gender identity in schools. Disney criticized this, as Disney employees were the ones protesting the decision.

“DeSantis is really an extremist culture warrior,” said Myra Adams, a columnist and political analyst in Florida. He was actually always conservative. But he chose this position on purpose because he thought it would win him the support of Trump voters.”

Mr. DeSantis also wants to show that he has always won elections, that no one has ever beaten him in a congressional or gubernatorial election.

But to win the Republican Party’s nomination, he will have to win over pro-Trump voters, convincing them that the style of politics he is bringing is far better than the original version of ‘Trump-ism’. But Ron DeSantis will have to tread carefully, as many other candidates will try the same.

But Mr. DeSantis has one big advantage – he has a lot of money.

By the end of last month, one of his funds had accumulated $88 million in funds. The “Friends of Ron DeSantis” fund was created to help pay for his re-election as governor of Florida. But this money can now be spent on presidential candidates. Besides, another committee has 30 million dollars deposited for him, which his friends can spend on him.

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Ron DeSantis announced his candidacy in an event with Elon Musk on Twitter

All in all Mr. DeSantis is a tough contender, at least on paper. But the electoral battle is not on paper, this battle is fought in front of the voters and under the strict surveillance of the national media. When he was re-elected governor of Florida, it seemed unstoppable. But now it seems as if he has mellowed a bit.

Last year’s election survey was seen Mr. DeSantis and Mr. Trump will be in a tight fight, sometimes leading in the polls. But now Mr. Trump is leading by more than 50 percent in some polls. Mr. Even if De Santis can rally all those voters who don’t support Trump, he still polls Mr. Stay behind Trump.

Those who actually replaced Mr. Trump. Not wanting to endorse DeSantis, they all say the same thing – DeSantis is a bit mechanical, he doesn’t have the warm, approachable personality of Trump.

However, there may be many ups and downs as per the survey. There is still a possibility that the situation may change. Or former President Trump, who is involved in various legal complications, may stumble and fall out of the competition.

But when the situation calms down, Mr. DeSantis may even win the Republican nomination. But then he will have to face many new challenges as Joe Biden and the Democrats challenge.

As Republicans use their ‘culture war’ to win over the right, he may be in danger for his stance on abortion. He may find it difficult to win votes without the support of liberal voters.

But that is the next problem. Before that, Florida’s governor faces many challenges in the next few months.

Why talk about Ron DeSantis’s wife?

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Ron DeSantis’ wife Casey is believed to be instrumental in her husband’s election campaign

Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis is expected to play a key role in her husband’s campaign. He is described by many as the ‘secret weapon’ of the DeSantis camp.

It is not uncommon for candidates’ wives to join election campaigns in the United States. But during Ron DeSantis’ tenure as Florida governor, his wife has been seen in a much more prominent role.

Ms. DeSantis, 42, has led the governor’s initiatives on issues ranging from hurricane relief to mental health issues.

He was already known as a television reporter. He met Ron DeSantis on a golf course in 2006. They then fell in love from that acquaintance, and later married.

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