Neymar’s best friend is Robin Mia from Bangladesh

Everyone is putting Brazil ahead of the question of favorites to win the World Cup in Qatar. Even if Russia failed in the World Cup, the Selecao will enter the hexamission this time.

And in that mission, Brazilians rely more on Neymar, the best star of the Brazilian team. Despite being the best star of the Brazil team for the past few years, Neymar could not taste the World Cup. Can he now? Can the native legend surpass Pele? The eyes of the whole world are now on Neymar.

But Neymar is in a good mood. At the beginning of last week, he wished the son of Robin Mia, a citizen of Bangladesh, on his birthday.

Robin Mia’s house is in Bhairab, Bangladesh. Neymar’s publicity is on his shoulders. Robin sees Neymar’s publicity in three countries.

On the question of how he met Neymar, Robin told a TV channel in Bangladesh that a person named Joan Sensu is very close to Neymar. He is her friend again. Joan Sensui introduced him to Neymar.

Robin said, international companies or brands from different countries want to promote and expand their business using Neymar’s face value. They come to us. We also find and send proposals to preferred companies. I do this work and Joan. His father Neymar Santos Sr. will come to watch the game between Neymar and Brazil in this World Cup in Qatar. His mother and sister Rafaela are also expected to come. Especially Neymar’s father is sure to come. He is the son’s agent, he takes care of everything. He loves me very much. I am giving full logistical support to Neymar’s family.

There are countless fans of Neymar in Bangladesh, which will be hundreds of thousands. Bangladeshis look forward to watching Brazil and Neymar play. How much does the Brazilian poster boy know about Bangladesh?

Robin said, Neymar knows about Bangladesh. He knows that he has numerous fan-followers in this country. There is an internet site showing the number of Neymar fans. The position of Bangladesh is after Brazil.

How is the relationship with Neymar due to work? Robin said, actually you see him as a player. I see, one of my friends plays football. He is a superstar. Neymar is very good as a person. I am not any celebrity. I am Bangladeshi, I am not a footballer. I did not come from a rich family. But it is not understood in the use of Neymar. And like everyone else, he and his family mingled with me. Neymar also played cards with me. eat together

The article is in Bengali

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