Inhuman life in dirty and dirty water

Inhuman life in dirty and dirty water
Inhuman life in dirty and dirty water

More than three thousand families of Ward No. 19 of Mymensingh city have been without water for 15 consecutive days. These families are living an inhumane life in dirty and foul-smelling water outside the house. Due to waterlogging, there is no place to keep and bury bodies in the area. There is no end to the suffering of women, children and elderly people of the area including SSC candidates. The victims complained that Mymensingh city authorities are not taking any effective initiative even though this ward of the city has been flooded for the past seven years.

Allegedly, the inundation is due to unplanned narrow pipe underground drainage system and unplanned urbanization without obstruction to the flow of water downstream. Residents of this ward have to stay watertight for at least three months every monsoon. At this time, the residents of the ward are suffering from various diseases including skin and abdominal pain. However, the local ward councilor and reserved women councilors pretend not to see the matter. The affected residents have expressed their anger.
Advocate AHM Khalekuzzaman, President of Mymensingh Citizens’ Movement, said that it is not acceptable that the people of Balashpur have been water-locked for 15-20 days. Mayor of Mymensingh City Corporation Ikramul Haque Titu said that an initiative has been taken to solve the problem by releasing part of the water in the Brahmaputra and another part in the Maskanda canal through the project from ward number 19. If this is implemented then this watershed will not exist.

According to local sources, more than three thousand families of Balashpur, Palpara, Bhatikashar and Kewatkhali of Ward No. 19 of the city have been living in knee-deep filth and dirty water for the past 15-20 days. Anwara Begum (60), a victim of Balashpur, said that there was water inside the house. Water in the street outside the house. In such a situation, all the family left him and went elsewhere.
The victims also said that the water is not coming out due to the blockage of the underground water drainage pipe in the area. Apart from this, the water of nearby Kristapur, Charpara, Baghmara areas is also entering this ward. The impasse has arisen due to the unplanned construction of multi-storied buildings in the adjoining areas of Maskanda and Bisik industrial cities on the way of water drainage, obstructing the flow of water.

Jharna (35), a housewife of Balashpur, expressed her anger and said that there is no place to keep the body when someone dies. Burial has to be done in a distant cemetery. There is no limit to suffering when someone suddenly falls ill or needs to be taken to the hospital. Retired banker Nazrul Islam said that women, children and the elderly including SSC candidates are suffering the most. Many people are suffering from various diseases including skin and stomach pain. There are no rickshaws in the area due to water.
Due to this mistake of the city authorities, the people of the city have to stay waterlogged for more than 3 months of the monsoon season for the last five to seven years. However, local ward councilors and reserved women ward councilors are pretending not to see the issue. No one knows when this suffering will end. In such a situation, the locals get worried when they see dark clouds in the sky. Because even if it rains one day, the period of flooding increases.

Protected Ward Councilor Samima Akhtar admitted the suffering of 4-5 thousand families in the area and said that she herself along with the ward councilor is water tight. The project is in progress. When it is over, this suffering will be no more. He also said that at one time the water of Ward No. 19 used to go to Maskanda’s bill. But now, due to the construction of multi-storied buildings with plots blocking the flow of water there, this water is able to go down, causing flooding.

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