Spring days are gone

Spring days are gone
Spring days are gone

Last Saturday I went to a city called London outside of Toronto. South America’s most popular air show is held here every year. People come from far away. In the three-day event, about 20,000 vehicles gathered in lakhs of people. The type of ticket here is very interesting. Tickets are sold per vehicle. Each car can carry maximum 6 passengers. That is, if you don’t have a car, you can’t watch this flight even if you want to. This entire event was held at the London International Airport. The airport covers an area of ​​more than 10 km.

Therefore, without the car, it is not possible to see the arrangement arranged in its various parts. Various types of fighter jets come from all over the world in this exercise. People open their lives and see. The opportunity to go with my friend Sharif’s family was due to the kindness of Vipul, another friend of Notre Dame. Vipil came to study in Canada two years ago and stayed here. Through hard work, he and his business partner now own about 23 domains across Canada! Domino’s is one of the most popular pizza houses in Canada. They are also one of the sponsors of the London Air Exercise. As a result, I was invited by friends to be a part of this wonderful event. My favorite was watching the US B-2 glide gently over London before the event. It was not clear how many hundreds of bombs this plane could hold in its chest, which is enough to destroy many small countries.

Although I had to drive about two and a half kilometers to and from Toronto, I spent a good afternoon in the company of friends. Famous photographer Preet Reza and his family members were also met at the venue. There was Johnny Bhai. On arrival his little daughter suddenly came and hugged me and said goodbye in such a way that I was fascinated. It seems that I have known for a long time. Who understands the warmth of sincerity more than children!

An interesting news story appeared in Indian and Pakistani newspapers this week. The Bangladesh government sent relief aid to Pakistan’s flood-affected people. But Pakistan government has withdrawn it. Basically the Pakistan Army forced their government not to take this relief aid.

They think that taking this donation from Bangladesh will damage their image in the outside world. Almost every newspaper report says the same thing. This news came in the newspaper of Bangladesh two days later. It is also mentioned that the amount of relief is not enough which was also a consideration for Pakistan! I found the whole thing laughable. We know how Pakistan’s image is in the outside world. There is no chance for it to be lost. Basically, the Pakistan Army is still unable to accept the shame of its crushing defeat at the hands of our Mukti Bahini in 1971.

Since they are essentially the rulers of Pakistan, by giving such misleading directions to the government, they are basically belittling the needs of their people. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina did the right thing by deciding to provide aid to Pakistan. His leadership position in any of the world’s humanitarian crises has not been hampered by past hostilities. Such a stubborn decision by the Government of Pakistan glaringly exposed their immaturity. But as brave as Bangladesh was, it could not make any impact at all.
I tacitly support the Liberal Party in Canada because of their confident political stance on tolerance, equality and justice. The leader of this party, Justin Trudeau, is the Prime Minister of Canada. Although I am a supporter of the Liberal Party, I think that Justin Trudeau is not always able to play the right role as the leader of a fast growing country like Canada. Canada is becoming stronger and more important in global economy, politics and military policy. But Canada has failed to fully grasp the opportunity created by the decline of a once developed and representative country such as the United Kingdom and Russia to take a leadership position for a small number of countries like Canada.

These are the gradually sought-after goals that Canada, as a neighbor of the United States, needs, just as strong leadership is needed, which I think is lacking in Justin Trudeau. His ‘Dhsavadhangraham Dhabtngrahdhsharu’ is good to watch on TV but not enough to make such a strong country fight against tough rivals and move forward. I liken Justin Trudeau to former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair. Loud talker, handsome, opinionated but not really effective for their own country, rather they are attractive politicians for people who give more importance to popularity than TV channels and other country’s politics. However, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared a Canada-wide public holiday on September 19, 2022, following the death of the Queen of the United Kingdom.

However, Canada’s provincial governments are not obliged to follow all federal government directives in many cases. While the holiday applies nationwide to Canada’s government officials, the country’s largest province, Ontario, where Toronto is located, is the elected head of the provincial government, called the Premier. At 1:00 p.m. silence may be observed in honor of the Queen. Apart from this, students in other schools, colleges and workplaces will not spend this day as a holiday but will work regularly and learn about the colorful life of the queen. Ontario’s underground trains will pause for 96 seconds, equal to her age, in honor of the Queen at 1 p.m. today. Ontarians will observe this day as a day of mourning without taking a holiday.’

Doug Ford and the provincial government also said that observing the holiday would have cost the province thousands of crores of rupees in economic losses that they could not afford. Notably, Doug Ford is a strong leader of the Liberal Party’s main rival, the Conservative Party, and many believe he will win the Prime Minister’s election against Trudeau in 2025. Doug Ford won the public’s trust during the corona and defeated Trudeau’s party miserably in the provincial election a few months ago. It should be noted that until now it was assumed that Justin Trudeau would not be in the fight to become the Prime Minister for the third time and for this reason he was appointing Chrystia Freeland as Deputy Prime Minister and making her his successor. But now it is heard that Chrystia Freeland is interested in the UN Secretary General election and if she is elected as the UN Secretary General at the end of this year, then Trudeau will be elected as Liberal Party Prime Minister once again in the 2025 national election as a last ditch attempt to prevent the Liberal Party from collapsing.

It needs to be said here that the current leader of the Conservative Party is not Doug Ford. To be elected for the post of Prime Minister, one has to be the party leader. I think Doug Ford will replace the incumbent before the 2025 election. Already as a strong leader, Doug Ford’s decision to oppose Trudeau’s leave decision is a slap in the face of the federal government and appears to be another piece of political wisdom on the part of Doug Ford, who respects the people’s stance against the monarchy.
Trudeau attended the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, the most talked-about leader of the British monarchy. Our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was also there. However, the only exception was in the case of US President Joe Biden, although buses were used to take the heads of state of so many countries to their funerals while maintaining security. A vanguard team arrived in the UK with its own uniforms, armored fleet and hundreds of highly trained security personnel to protect the world’s most powerful political figure, flouting the UK, the monarchy and all manner of rules. In addition, it is known that thousands of security personnel in civilian clothes were engaged in Joe Biden’s security. Its security is further strengthened by the heated situation with Russia over the Ukraine situation.
While the world was busy with the last rites of the holder and bearer of the monarchy, the Bangladesh women’s football team beat Nepal’s women’s football team by 3-1 in the final of the SAFF football and are now SAFF champions. The sports of Bangladesh, the people of Bangladesh are reflected in this extraordinary victory. Congratulations to the women’s football team of Bangladesh for becoming the champion of the clean football. We want the women of Bangladesh to lead in all fields. However, the economic condition of Bangladesh women’s football team is quite bad. Earlier we saw that after returning home they return to their homes with other passengers in a very ordinary bus.

If you ask the football officials, they might say, no one is interested in women’s football, there are no sponsors here, if we don’t bring money, where will we spend the money from? They are right. But there are many buts in words. Salman Khan is the highest paid actor in Bollywood for the past 15 years. Although it fluctuates a bit from one year to another, on average, Salman Khan is the highest paid. Akshay Kumar took the second highest salary. Third highest paid is Aamir Khan and fourth highest paid Shahrukh Khan. This is not an isolated year calculation, an average of 15 consecutive years and a regular figure for most years. Whereas if we combine the annual income of Salman Khan, Aamir Khan or Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan’s income alone is more than their combined income, even though his remuneration is less than others. Why? Because Shah Rukh Khan has made himself a brand.

Many corporate houses have also helped make Shah Rukh Khan a brand. Our cricketer thinks about Shakib Al Hasan. He probably earns more from his advertising and business ventures than what he gets from BCB. Shakib Al Hasan’s own work and the corporate world of Bangladesh have helped create this brand value. Bangladesh women’s football team also needs to create a brand value. As Saf is the champion in football, maybe that field will be created this time. After this group returns to the country, they will be welcomed with due dignity, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will meet them, this time their return home will not be like the previous time, it is expected that they will get regular facilities. Why are the big banks, insurance, non-governmental organizations of Bangladesh not sponsoring the women’s football team? Why isn’t there a women’s national football league around the country? Why is the Women’s Premier League football competition not held in Dhaka? And even if we do not know why? Surely the lack of sponsorship? Even the boys’ football doesn’t get any spectators anymore, but if they get sponsorship, then the women’s football team should also get it. I hope the private sector will come forward in this regard.

I am sure, if women’s football league can be organized properly in Dhaka, there will be more audience, at least more than men’s football. If necessary, an international club football competition can be held in Dhaka field with the women’s football teams of various South Asian countries. Sponsors should come forward. And when the private sector doesn’t come forward, the government has to step in. Government can sponsor such through its own organizations like Biman Bangladesh, Tourism Bangladesh etc. Or it can encourage the private sector to invest in the sector. The government’s job is to play a leading role in the interest of the country.
Meanwhile, it’s leaf fall time in Toronto. In the afternoon, on the way to the University of Toronto’s Hart House, I stopped suddenly at Queen’s Park to watch the leaf color game. I tell myself, man only changes color, the leaves change in his mind. It is raining heavily. Even if the umbrella is not opened, there is no mana to open it. At this time of Sunday afternoon, the park is full of people. Two or four ragged people are resting with their heads on a park bench. A couple of lovers are eating lunch separately on oak benches.

They are accompanied by dogs or bicycles. The joy of dogs knows no bounds. They run after the woodpeckers, roll in the green grass with their tongues sticking out in feigned exhaustion. Passing through the underground tunnels of the centenary Hart House to reach the gym, a few students can be seen doing physical exercises here and there. In the new year, after almost 3 years, thousands of knowledge seekers came to the campus. On other days, the crowd pushes to get a place around the gym equipment, but there is not so much pressure on Saturdays and Sundays. As the students here study with great attention, they also know how to enjoy their holidays. So middle-aged researchers like me and a few young women are seen running on treadmills hoping for who knows what.

Reaching a little further in front of the Nitro Compound Press, a strangely beautiful young woman greeted us with a smile. We talk to each other as we pull the weight. Lilua wind outside. It gets dark all around. In a nearby church, the world goes to sleep. The young woman comes forward smiling, I smile too. The world informs that some trees are blooming outside. On the other hand, the days of spring pass away.

20 September 2022
Toronto, Canada

The article is in Bengali

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