The village of Bangladesh visited by Queen Elizabeth II

The village of Bangladesh visited by Queen Elizabeth II
The village of Bangladesh visited by Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II of Britain was crowned on June 2, 1953. He has visited almost every country in the world in the last 70 years. Queen Elizabeth II arrived in Bangladesh on a four-day visit during the regime of military president Hussain Muhammad Ershad. This was his only visit to independent Bangladesh.

During his four-day state visit, he paid tribute to the martyrs of the Liberation War at the National Memorial.

He also went to Sreepur station in Gazipur by train from Dhaka on November 16 to see a self-reliant village. At that time President Ershad was also traveling with him. From the station, take a car to Bairagirchala village of Sreepur upazila.

On the occasion of the Queen’s visit, extensive development was done in that village. The dirt roads are paved overnight. And the village was also provided with electricity for the first time, which greatly helped in the development of factories in the village.

During the visit, Rani chatted with local women in a jackfruit garden in the village. At this time, a woman gave the queen a silver key. That key is given symbolically. This means that anytime Rani can come to Bairagirchala village. All the doors of the village are always open for him.

Rani’s main reason for going to that village was that she wanted to visit a self-reliant village. Rani was shown various village crafts including fishing in the pond, making mudri.

The people of that village still remember the queen’s visit with pride.

(Dhakatimes/September 9/RR)

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