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Bangladesh will not fall into a crisis like Sri Lanka: Prime Minister

Bangladesh will not fall into a crisis like Sri Lanka: Prime Minister
Bangladesh will not fall into a crisis like Sri Lanka: Prime Minister

Bangladesh will not fall into a crisis like Sri Lanka: Prime Minister

Dhaka, September 4, 2022 (BSS) : Dismissing concerns that Bangladesh might go the way of Sri Lanka, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said the country’s economy is in a strong position despite the Covid-19 pandemic and conflict in Ukraine, and her government is being very cautious while taking any loans. .
In an interaction with South Asia’s leading news agency ANI, he said that the entire world is currently facing challenges which are not limited to Bangladesh.
He said, “Our economy is still quite strong. However, we are facing the covid-19 pandemic. Now the impact of the Ukraine-Russia war is here. But in terms of debt, Bangladesh always repays all loans on time. So our debt ratio is very low. In the context of Sri Lanka , our economic trends and development efforts are very planned.
Sheikh Hasina boldly said that because of this measuring system, her country is safe in the economic field. He said that Bangladesh did not take any loan until it was sure that it would get the benefits of the project.
The Prime Minister said, “I think the whole world is facing economic problems. We are too. But yes, there are some people who have raised this issue. Bangladesh will be Sri Lanka etc. But I can confirm, it will not happen. Because we have all our development as planned. When designing and implementing projects, we always look at what will be the return? How will people benefit? Otherwise I don’t take up any project just to spend money.”
He said that whenever the government in Bangladesh considers taking a loan, it follows a clear policy of estimating the benefits to the country if the project is completed.
Sheikh Hasina said, “The priority is how our economy will develop and how much the people will benefit. That is how we are taking all the plans and programs. We do not spend any unnecessary money.”
Sheikh Hasina expressed her views on the way Bangladesh gets things done. He said his government systematically adopted the plan based on considerations.
He said, “We take a very judicious approach to planning which we have developed. I think we will not face a Sri Lanka-like situation. Not only that, but in policy terms, the moment the Covid-19 pandemic starts, we are all up to the village level. provided in-kind assistance and materials and encouraged our people to increase food production more. I appeal to our people, you increase your food production so that we do not depend on others.”
The Prime Minister noted that the conflict in Ukraine has created some problems for his country. “There is no doubt that the conflict is having a negative impact, especially on the imports that we import from other countries.”

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