Now there is no fear, we have to push: Mahi (Video)

Now there is no fear, we have to push: Mahi (Video)
Now there is no fear, we have to push: Mahi (Video)

Mahiya Mahi, the successful film actress of Dhakai movie, announced that she is pregnant after just one year of marriage. He is currently having the best time of his life. He spends his days in the care of his family.

Meanwhile, Mahi starrer ‘Jao Pakhi Bollo Tare’ is awaiting release. The movie will be released in theaters across the country on October 7. A press conference was organized at FDC on Saturday (September 17) night to mark the release. Mahi appeared there with her husband Rakib Sarkar. After the press conference, the heroine faced the media.

At that time, Mahia Mahi said, I know why I was afraid to see so many cameras for the first time. I used to think what to say, how to speak. But after so many years, not everyone feels so good! I often say yes bro, doing this-doing that. Everyone feels like family. No longer afraid to speak. I will say what I want, I will make news as I want. First of all, let’s say that ‘Go bird tell the wire’ is such an act; There are many movies to rave about (yes very good movies). All of you will come to see the movie. But there are some works that I want to say a lot about, but actually don’t say or can’t say. I can’t express the feeling.

He also said when I went to work in the film ‘Jo Pakhi Bollo Tare’; When I saw the artist’s work in each sequence (Apu Bhaiya, Adar, Shipan Bhaiya) I went to see everyone’s acting. And watching every sequence made me cry. I didn’t feel like doing better than them. It seems to me that work will come automatically from within. I didn’t actually act here, I got into the character. Tried to enter. I don’t know how much I got in, but I remember having fun shooting.

He said about the experience of movie shooting, after the pack-up, we go to the hotel or the room. But in this shooting, we all went to our respective hotels to leave the recent song in the car and sing. I have never had so much fun shooting in my ten year career. In these 10 years I have worked in many hit movies but ‘Jao Pakhi Bollo Tare’ is my best movie. I promise this. I don’t know what the audience will say, they will see later. Request to journalists, everyone will watch this movie. After watching, write how you like the picture. If any viewers see it, it will go away, but I think you all will see it first. A movie so good that those who have forgotten to love will learn to love again. There is a character named Majnu in this movie. I was in a frenzy for a long time while making the film. Well, why don’t I have a majnu in my life, I should have such a majnu. Everyone has a purpose in life. A girl is Majnu in the life of boys and a boy is Majnu in the life of girls. But no one knows. I request everyone to see this picture. We don’t really know all about love. Looking at this picture we can fill one more time. All be well, pray for us, stay with ‘Jao Pakhi Bal Tare’.

Thanking the journalists for the promotion of the movie, he said, in any case, promote this film on Facebook in such a way that the news goes to everyone that ‘Jao Pakhi Bollo Tare’ is a movie and we will go to see it. You have supported me a lot for 10 years, I want to support you once again. Because I will be away from movies for some time. This ‘Jao Pakhi Bholo Tare’ was a great experience for me.

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