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‘I don’t think gradation in films is important at the moment’

‘I don’t think gradation in films is important at the moment’
‘I don’t think gradation in films is important at the moment’

Ahmed Zaman Shimul

He is Asaduzzaman Noor. It can be called an acting institute. In 2001, his success was followed by a new identity; Became a member of Parliament. He was also the Minister of Cultural Affairs of Bangladesh. The man has now spoken about gradation, a recent topic in the film industry. He said, ‘What people in the film industry are saying about gradation is necessary. But I don’t think gradation is very important at the moment.’

On a rainy evening on Thursday (September 8), Bangladeshi acting legend Asaduzzaman Noor was spotted at the poster unveiling ceremony of Dipankar Deepan’s ‘Operation Sundarban’. There he talks about various recent issues in films including gradation.

Journalists wanted to know his comments on the demand to abolish the Censor Board and introduce gradation at that event. In reply, he said, ‘We should keep the issue of gradation in mind. For example, if we look at Bombay’s films, kissing scenes have become normal in their films. Our tastes, social values ​​in our country may not be acceptable there. So, there are some sensitive issues, because of which gradation can be done. However, I do not think that the issue of gradation is important in the mind and spirit of Bengali at this moment.’

The veteran actor considers the case regarding the film ‘Hawa’ to be unnecessary. He said, ‘There is a freedom of art all over the world. That is to make pictures keeping in mind the issues of state, freedom and sovereignty. There should not be anything against public interest in the film. If the artist has no freedom, creativity will cease. What was done with the bird seemed very funny to me. Artists are naturally very sensitive to animals. They will not torture animals.’

In recent times, audiences are returning to cinema halls with ‘Hawa’, ‘Paraan’. But due to some issues at the policy making level the industry is not standing that way. So he was asked whether there is anything to be done at the policy-making level to bring the audience back to the cinema hall. He insisted on having a world-class film institute in the North. According to him, ‘where our children, especially the younger generation will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge about film. There will be actors, directors, those who will work on the camera, make-up artists. In other words, there will be training in all subjects.

Apart from this, we need cinema halls and good movies. I said there are two types of movies, good movies and bad movies. The number of good films should be increased.’

It is said that there is an artist crisis in our country. Is it really a crisis? Noor said, ‘I don’t think there is a crisis of artists. There were not so many artists in our time. As time goes by the number of artists is increasing. What is needed now is practice and training.’

Films are being made with veteran actors in leading roles in neighboring countries and all over the world. Not happening in our country. Asaduzzaman Noor has a lot of regret about this. He said, ‘At the end of the ministry, 16 scripts came to me. Most of which are love stories between young women and old men. Which may not go with my taste. However, if the maker can bring out the complexities of such relationships in the story, then it is a different story. And aside from me, can we use an actor like Abul Hayat? But actors like Soumitra Chatterjee in the neighboring country have acted in all kinds of extraordinary roles till the moment of their death.’


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