Five deaths detected in one day 614 1185652 | The voice of time

Five deaths detected in one day 614 1185652 | The voice of time
Five deaths detected in one day 614 1185652 | The voice of time

The number of deaths and cases of corona in the country is on the rise again. The detection rate against sample testing is also alarming. Five people infected with coronavirus have died in 24 hours from 8 am last Monday to 8 am yesterday Tuesday. 614 people have been identified.


In the previous 24 hours, 601 people were identified and one person died. 22 people have died in the 20th day of this month.

A member of the National Technical Advisory Committee on Corona and the former vice chancellor of BSMMU. Nazrul Islam said, there is no other option but to be careful in this situation. Everyone should follow hygiene rules properly. Extreme negligence is observed among the public at present in following the rules of hygiene. This situation is dangerous.

Government Pathology, Diagnosis and Research Institute (IEDCR) advisor Dr. Mushtaq Hossain said that the number of deaths and cases of corona has increased again. There are signs of the sixth wave of corona. Omicrons mainly cause infections to increase. This is the third wave since Omicron started. In the beginning, BA.1 and BA.2 subtypes of corona were prevalent. Later the fifth wave was BA.5. BA.5 variant is still available.

He also said that the government and the health department should do awareness work again about wearing masks and washing hands. Corona is the same as before. Infections and deaths have been brought under control due to vaccination. But even with the vaccine, risks remain for the elderly.

According to the data of the Department of Health, four thousand 831 samples were collected in the last 24 hours. 4 thousand 825 new and old samples were tested. The detection rate is 12.73 percent. The detection rate was 11.60 percent in the previous 24 hours as well.

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