Elected BNP leader despite announcing withdrawal

Elected BNP leader despite announcing withdrawal
Elected BNP leader despite announcing withdrawal

Even after announcing the withdrawal of candidature, the president of BNP Sadar Metro Thana BNP (expelled) Ward Councilor No. 28 of the metropolis was elected. Hasan Ajmal Bhuiyan.

When he participated in the election ignoring the party decision, the party expelled him and 29 people from various levels of BNP for life.
A total of 30 leaders of various levels who participated in the elections a week before this, were given a show cause notice by the central BNP and asked to respond to the notice within 24 hours.

Hasan Ajmal Bhuiyan also replied to the notice. But the party was not satisfied with his reply. As a result, he was expelled from the team. Later, he gave a press conference three days before the election and withdrew his candidacy and withdrew from the election field, but his symbol remained on the ballot.

When polling was held on Thursday, his symbol Latim got 5 thousand 352 votes and his nearest rival Zahid Hossain got 2 thousand 160 votes. Besides, the results officially announced at the center showed that almost all of the expelled leaders of BNP were elected.

The former joint secretary of Mahanagar BNP Hannan Mia Hannu was elected in the adjacent Ward No. 28, BNP leader Mojibur Rahman in Ward No. 25, Mahbubur Rashid Khan Seepu in Ward No. 24, Sabder Hasan in Ward No. 22, Muslim Uddin Chowdhury Musa in Ward No. 15, Yasal Ahmed Sarkar in Ward No. 14, Mohammad Shaheen Alam was elected in ward number 19, Abul Hashem in ward number 55, Safi Uddin Safi in ward number 48, KM Nazrul Islam Biki in ward number 40.

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