Madhuri caught attention in the trailer of ‘Maja Maa’

Madhuri caught attention in the trailer of ‘Maja Maa’
Madhuri caught attention in the trailer of ‘Maja Maa’

Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit entered OTT through the series ‘Fame Game’. And this ‘dance diva’ of Bollywood won the hearts of the audience in the first series.

Now his second project ‘Maja Ma’ is going to be released.

The trailer of the movie was released on Thursday (September 22). It starts with the speech of Madhuri’s onscreen son. Everyone sees the story of this family through his eyes. Here Madhuri is a housewife and she also loves dancing.

Mother’s attempt to see life in this beautiful colorful way, will the sense of women’s freedom become tomorrow in the case of son’s marriage? The trailer hints at that in some cases. For a video of a mother whose son’s arranged marriage is falling apart. This movie will tell the story where the story will take place.

The biggest treat for Madhuri fans is that the Dhak Dhak Girl is going to recreate the magic on screen once again for the dances that made them fall in love with the actress. Meanwhile, some songs from the movie have also come forward. And there is a glimpse that dance has a great role in the movie.

Ritvik Bhowmik will be seen in the role of Madhuri’s son and Gajraj Rao in the role of her husband. It also features Barkha Singh, Shrishti Srivastava, Rajit Kapoor and many other familiar faces.

‘Maja Ma’ will be released on Amazon Prime on October 6. The movie is directed by Anand Tiwari and produced by Amritpal Singh Bindra.

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