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31 rail accidents in 90 days, those responsible will be punished

31 rail accidents in 90 days, those responsible will be punished
31 rail accidents in 90 days, those responsible will be punished

There have been 31 accidents on the railways in the last 3 months. Of these, 16 have been investigated. 15 are under investigation. The ministry informed this at the 22nd meeting of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Railway Ministry held on Tuesday (September 20) at Sangsad Bhavan.

The report on the accidents that occurred in Bangladesh Railways in the last three months also mentioned that according to the investigation, disciplinary action is being taken against the persons responsible for the accidents. Strict instructions have been given to the employees of all departments including railway maintenance to prevent accidents. At the same time, motivation and training programs have been strengthened.

According to the report, there was an unpleasant incident between the railway employees and the employees of the Narcotics Control Department at the Dinajpur railway station on August 3.

Analysis of the video footage shows that Dinajpur Deputy Director of Narcotics Control Directorate at around 8 pm. When Shahnewaz tried to enter the station through the platform gate, Ticket Collector (TC) Md. Ripon Mia asks him for the platform ticket and they get into an argument. Later Md. After Shahnewaz identified himself as an officer of the Narcotics Department, some railway employees forcibly took him to the TC room and detained him. At approximately 8:06 PM, 6 officers-employees of Narcotics Control Directorate entered the platform under the leadership of Inspector Raihan Ahmed Khan. Narcotics Control Directorate ASAE Ghulam Rabbani beat up RNB Nipahi Masood Parvez with an expandable button in his hand. When he was injured, he was admitted to Dinajpur General Hospital. At this time the situation was brought under control with the intervention of Dinajpur Railway Police Station.

From the next morning, railway employees protested demanding exemplary punishment of the culprits. At the same time blocked rail traffic. The besiegers lifted the blockade after the intervention of the authorities. Railway police and senior officials were stationed at the station to bring the situation under control.

On the same day, at approximately 6 pm, Additional Director of Narcotics Control Directorate. Ali Aslam Hossain came to Dinajpur railway station. The railway employees then demanded exemplary punishment against those responsible. At the same time, they are accused of threatening that they will be implicated in drug cases if they leave the platform. Additional Director at this time. Ali Aslam Hussain assured them that no such incident will happen and assured that departmental punishment will be taken against the guilty persons.

It is known that the committee recommended to stop leasing of 40 trains of the private sector after the expiration of the period and to present a full report on the train leasing activities in the next meeting.

In the meeting, it was recommended to present the comparative account of the monthly income and operating expenses of the 4 trains operated by the Ministry of Railways and private institutions in the next meeting.

In the meeting, it was recommended to take effective steps to recover the illegally occupied land of Bangladesh Railway and take legal action against the illegal occupants.

Chairman ABM Fazle Karim Chowdhury chaired the meeting and committee members Minister of Railways Nurul Islam Sujan, Asaduzzaman Noor, Shafiqul Islam Shimul, Shafiqul Azam Khan, Saifuzzaman, HM Ibrahim, Gazi Mohammad Shah Nawaz and Nadira Yasmin Jolly participated in the meeting.

The meeting was attended by the Secretary of the Ministry of Railways, Director General of Bangladesh Railway, Secretary of the Standing Committee of the Ministry of Railways.

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