The price of eggs increased by 20 rupees per dozen

The price of eggs increased by 20 rupees per dozen
The price of eggs increased by 20 rupees per dozen

The egg market has risen again. Last month, buyers had to buy eggs for 160-170 rupees per dozen. After that, the operation of the National Consumer Rights Protection Department revealed the syndicate’s manipulation in the egg market. After that it comes down to 110 to 115 taka. Less than a month after this incident, every dozen eggs increased from 15 to 20 taka. Last week, eggs were priced at Tk 115 to Tk 120 per dozen in the retail market. The price increased by 10 to 15 taka per dozen and it was seen selling at 130 to 135 taka yesterday.

Retail egg traders say that the price of chicken feed has increased in the market. Because of this, farmers are discouraged in production. As a result, the price of chicken has increased due to low production and supply. The wholesale price of eggs increases and has to be sold at a higher price. We have nothing to do here. If we reduce in the wholesale market, we also sell at a lower price.
Despite the increase in the price of eggs, all types of chicken are being sold at the same price as last week. Poultry chicken is being sold at Tk 170 to Tk 180 per kg. A kg of golden chicken is being sold at Tk 300 to Tk 320 after the price has increased by Tk 30. A kg of layer chicken is being sold at Tk 270 to Tk 280.

Apart from this, like last week, all kinds of vegetables are being sold at increased prices. Beans and cauliflower are being sold at high prices as new vegetables in the market. Beans are being sold at Tk 120-140 per kg. Cauliflower is being sold at Tk 60 per piece. The prices of ripe tomatoes, carrots and beets remain unchanged. A kg of ripe tomatoes is being sold at Tk 100-120. Carrots are being sold at Tk 120-130 per kg. Barab is being sold at 70-80 taka per kg.

Apart from these vegetables, the prices of other vegetables also remain unchanged. Eggplant is being sold at Tk 50-70 per kg, kankarol at Tk 50-70, raw papaya at Tk 20-25 and patol at Tk 40-50 per kg. A lot of lati, jinge, chichinga are being sold at 40-50 taka. A kg of bitter gourd is being sold at Tk 60-80. Rice pumpkin piece is Tk 50, each piece of gourd is sold at Tk 50-60 per kg, sweet pumpkin at Tk 50, rinds at Tk 60, kachur lathi at Tk 70, barab at Tk 80, dhundul at Tk 50 per kg. Raw bananas are currently being sold at Tk 40. Lemon juice is being sold at 15 to 20 taka. A kg of potato is being sold in the market for 30 rupees. The price of chilli has fallen. A kg is being sold at 40 to 50 taka. Apart from this, 400 to 450 taka per kg of dry chillies.

Regarding the price of vegetables, a trader in Basabo market said that the price of vegetables has not changed much. However, the price may decrease in a few days. Because in the meantime vegetables have started coming in the market ahead of winter.

Sugar is being sold at Tk 90 per kg in the market. Apart from this, packets of sugar per kg are being sold at Tk 95. Apart from this, 130 taka per kg of local lentil in these markets. Indian lentils are being sold at Tk 110. Apart from this, a liter of edible oil is being sold at Tk 185 to Tk 190. The price of red eggs is reduced in the market and a dozen is being sold at 120 rupees. A dozen of duck eggs are being sold at 180 rupees. A dozen of domestic chicken eggs is 210 taka.

It has been seen that the fish market is selling 300 to 450 taka per kg of roe fish. Tilapia, Pangash fish are selling for 160 to 200 taka per kg. A kg of horn fish is being sold at 350 to 460 Tk. A kg of fish is being sold at Tk 200 to Tk 250. 350 to 500 taka per kg of Pabda fish. The price of these fish did not change much during the week.
Shrimp and hilsa are being sold at high prices. A kg of shrimp is being sold at 800 to 1000 taka. A kilogram of hilsa weighing one kilogram is being sold at Tk 1600-1800. 900-1000 taka per kg of hilsa weighing 700-800 grams. And a kg of hilsa weighing 400-500 grams is being sold at 700-800 taka. A kg of beef is being sold in the market at Tk 660 to Tk 680. A kg of beef is being sold at Tk 900.

Rice price out of reach in Bogra
According to the Bogra office, the price of rice has not reached the reach of the buyers even after the raids of the administration on paddy and rice warehouses in Bogra. Along with that, the prices of several products including flour, eggs have increased. In this situation, the lower and lower middle class income people of the society are struggling in the market.

During the full season of Aman, the price of rice suddenly increased by Tk 5-6 per kg across the country, including Bogra, last August. With this, a wide reaction was created among people of all classes and professions, including buyers. Under the leadership of the executive magistrate of the local district and upazila administration, food department, consumer rights protection directorate, district marketing directorate and other institutions of the government have conducted mobile courts in private rice warehouses at the upazila level including the district headquarters to normalize the market. According to the sources of the district administration, at least 25 rice warehouses of different upazilas including Sherpur, Shibganj of the district including Sadar upazila were raided and a fine of around 16 lakh rupees was collected for various crimes including illegal storage of rice. More than 25 cases were filed against the accused businessmen in these incidents. But this has reduced the price of rice by 2-3 rupees per kg in the retail market.

Rashedul Islam, rice trader of Maltinagar Baksi Bazar in Bogra city and Narendra Nath, rice trader of Fateh Ali Bazar, said that after the campaign, the price of rice has decreased by Tk 2-3 per kg. Retail traders said that the country’s big companies are doing business in rice. They are buying rice at a higher price at the beginning of the harvest and making rice and storing it. Due to this, the price suddenly increased in the market. A raid on these warehouses will reduce the price.

The price of flour increased again. Packaged flour is being sold at Tk 55-58 per kg. However, the sale of flour through food department dealers is currently closed. Here the low income people could save some money by buying open flour at the rate of 18 taka per kg. But that too is closed. Apart from this, the price of eggs has increased again. For the last 3-4 days, the price of eggs in Bogra has increased from 34-35 taka to 40-43 taka. Buyers do not find any reason for the sudden increase in the price of eggs. A large company called Kazi Farms in Bogra controls the egg market. Earlier, when the price rose above 50 rupees, the mobile court of the district administration conducted raids in the egg retail market and the price came down a little.

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