Mysterious death of EB student

Mysterious death of EB student
Mysterious death of EB student

The mysterious death of Nishat Tasneem Urmi, a graduate student of the Department of Folklore Studies of the Islamic University (EB) in the academic year 2017-18, has taken place. Police recovered his body from Meherpur’s Gangni Health Complex last Thursday night. Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Gangni Police Station Abdur Razzak confirmed the matter. Urmi’s father Golam Kibria alleged that Urmi was killed by her husband.
According to sources, Urmi’s husband brought her to Gangni Health Complex around 1.30 pm on Thursday. At that time, the doctor in charge said that he had already died. Later the police brought his body to Gangni police station. When Urmi’s father was told this news, they came and alleged that Urmi was killed by her husband Asfaquzzaman Prince. In this incident, Urmi’s husband Prince and her father Hashem Shah have been taken into the custody of Gangni police station.
Urmi’s father Golam Kibria said, my son-in-law is addicted. He beat my daughter to death in a drunken state. Urmi has injury marks on various parts of her body. After killing him, they staged a suicide drama.
Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Gangni police station Abdur Razzak said, after learning about the incident at night, the body was taken to the police station. Sent for autopsy in the morning. On the basis of the complaint of the deceased Urmi’s father, the process of murder case is going on. There are marks of injury on the body but it will be known after the post-mortem report.
It is to be noted that four years ago, Urmi was married to Asfaquzzaman Prince, the son of Hashem Shah, the owner of Gangni’s Padma Enterprise. They also have a 13-month-old son at home.

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