Bank notices came even without taking loans, panicking half a hundred daily wage families

In Patuakhali’s Kalapara, more than half a hundred day laborer families are in fear of a notice of Sonali Bank. A propaganda circle took a loan of 30-50 thousand taka from these families in the name of each one with voter ID and photo saying that they would give the work of cutting road soil in 2016. These loans are taken without the knowledge of the victims. Banks have given notices to the victims to repay these loans. These families are spending days in despair and fear after receiving this notice.

The fraudulent gang has taken a loan of Tk 35,000 in the name of Sapia Begum, a sixty-four-year-old living in a residence in Nilganj of the upazila. The interest-actually that loan has increased to 54 thousand 524 taka. Despite not taking the loan, the lawyer notice came to Sapia. This old woman is scared after receiving such a notice from Sonali Bank Kalapara Port Branch. Because widow Sapia’s family goes to get hands from others.

This notice of Sonali Bank has forbidden the night sleep of nearly half a hundred families like Sapia. Talking to them, it is known that around 2015 and 2016, these families used to cut road soil. Their neighbor Piara Begum used to lead them as team leader. And this work was coordinated by an NGO named ‘Swanirbhar Project’. The victims’ families have alleged that their party leader and a group of this NGO have taken bank loans in their name.

Ruby, a victim, told Jago News, ‘Piara was our team leader. He paid us 1000 taka with the photocopy and photo of the national identity card saying that he would provide insurance. He said, I have insured in your name. I will get money from it, you will also get money every year. We don’t know anything else. But after five years, I saw a notice to pay 75 thousand taka in my name.’

Manju Rani, another victim, told Jago News, ‘Team Leader Peer and Self-Reliance Project Monir Sir always arranged our work. So I gave them the photo and ID card. But they fled after withdrawing thousands of rupees in our name. We want justice for them and freedom from this harassment.’

Locals alleged that the accused Piara Begum and Monir had a good relationship. Together, they killed these common people and fled the area. To escape from this harassment, the families also made a human chain on September 1.

When the accused went to Piara Begum’s house, the neighbors said that she left the area long ago after selling the house found in the residence. When contacted later on the telephone, Peara admitted to taking photocopies and photographs of the national identity cards of these victimized families. He told Jago News, ‘Monir sir said, some people gave me. I will give them loans through self-help projects. Then I arranged for their ID cards and photos but I didn’t have the money.’

He also said, ‘Now those who have received the notice, how did they pay if they did not sign? Now I don’t know if the money was taken by Monir Sir or they took it.’

Talked about this with Monir Hossain, the then manager of Kalapara upazila of NGO Swanirbhar project. He denied the allegations against him.

Monir Hossain told Jago News, ‘We used to give loans to landless people, so we gave loans to many people but they didn’t have any money. Sonali Bank gave the money to him. No one else can take the money. However, our self-help program is starting from October 1. Then we will find out who took this money or where.

In this regard, Sonali Bank Kalapara Port Branch Co-Manager Masum Billah told Jago News, ‘We are scheduled to hold a meeting with the manager and the principal regarding the issue. But the meeting has not yet taken place. So nothing can be said for now.’

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Kalapara Police Station, Jasim told Jago News, ‘I heard some families made human chains. But we have not received any written complaint. Action will be taken if complaints are received.’

Kalapara Upazila Nirbahi Officer UNO (Acting) Md. Abu Bakar Siddiqui told Jago News, ‘So far we have not received any written complaint. Action will be taken according to law if complaint is received.’


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