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Birbhum district Trinamool president Anubrata Mondal, who was caught in the cow smuggling case, explained the extra oxygen he got after hearing the party leader give ‘respect like a hero’. On Friday morning, the ‘former Anuvrata’ was caught on camera again as he left Asansol Correctional Facility for Kolkata. Kest was found in a good mood. The Trinamool leader said confidently, “I will definitely get it.”

Anuvrata is being brought to Kolkata from Asansol Correctional Facility this morning to appear before the MP-MLA court in Bidhannagar in the Mangalkot blast case. Trinamool leader faced questions from reporters while getting into the car after leaving the jail. On Thursday, at the Trinamool’s special rally in Indore, Netaji himself, the chief minister and Trinamool leader, once again gave a message to stand by Keshtar and said, “You will bring him (Anubrata) out of jail with the honor of a hero.” In the wake of Mamata’s comment, reporters questioned Anubrata on Friday. Hearing that question, Trinamool Dapute leader said, “No one stays in jail continuously, they get released.” Surely I will get free, if I get free I will go. What else is there to say.”

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Incidentally, after being arrested in the cow smuggling case, Anuvrata had a lock on his face. His towering face was practically pale. But after the way the party leader gave the message of being by his side from the beginning, Keshtka was found in a bit of a cheerful mood. As Anuvrata gets into the car on Friday morning, the media boom is placed in the car window, and says in a threatening tone, “Don’t put it inside”. Many believe that Anubrata’s body language changed after receiving the leader’s message.

After Anubrata’s arrest, Mamata did not open her mouth at first, but later gave a message to stand by him from the Trinamool stage on the violin. The Chief Minister questioned why Anubrata was arrested. He also said, “If one kest is withheld, lakhs of kest will come. Keshtra will not be afraid of the agency. After that comment, the Trinamool leader assured to stand by Kesht by talking about ‘respecting a hero’ again on Thursday. His body language on Friday showed that the jailed Anuvrata was confident.

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