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The price of alcohol is increasing before Puja! The price of desi liquor is increasing – News18 Bangla

Somraj Banerjee, Kolkata: The price of liquor is increasing to increase the revenue of the state. However, the price of the country liquor will increase the most. The state government wants to implement this liquor price hike from September 15. According to the Excise Department, there will be a 20 percent increase in the price of domestic liquor. The price of domestically produced foreign liquor is increasing by 7 to 10 percent. At the same time, the state government wants to encourage the production of domestically produced foreign liquor instead of domestic liquor. For this, the Excise Department amended the rules.

As a result, foreign liquor manufacturers can change their license. For this the definition of ‘Country Spirit’ has been changed to ‘India Made Liquor’ in the Rules. Districts have already been sent guidelines as well as a list of how much prices may increase. The new price of desi liquor is going to be Tk 155 for 600 mL, Tk 105 for 375 mL, Tk 85 for 300 mL and Tk 50 for 180 ml. A maximum of 20 percent price hike is reported.

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Incidentally, last year the record sale of liquor was made during the Puja festival. The state excise department made a profit of over Rs 600 crore from the sale of liquor during the Puja season. Although this year’s price increase is related to the sale of domestic liquor in the state, the officials of the Excise Department are claiming that the production has been reduced. The state excise department has already amended the law for that.

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On the other hand, on Tuesday, the Excise Commissioner held a virtual meeting with the district administration to get the police and the Excise Department in a joint operation to stop the sale of illegal liquor. Because the sale of illegal liquor leads to loss of revenue to the state government as well as risk to life. Recently there have been deaths in some districts from illegal poisoned liquor. The administration fears that this incident may increase due to the increase in the price of desi liquor before Puja. However, government guidelines have encouraged manufacturers holding licenses to manufacture foreign liquor to obtain new ‘India Made Liquor’ licences. This license can be obtained by depositing a registration fee of one lakh rupees

Published by:Siddhartha Sarkar

First published: September 08, 2022, 12:29 IST

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