Pooja Cherry opens up about ‘secret’ photos of intimate moments in Thailand

Pooja Cherry opens up about ‘secret’ photos of intimate moments in Thailand
Pooja Cherry opens up about ‘secret’ photos of intimate moments in Thailand

‘If something happens to me, who will take responsibility? Who will take responsibility if I do something wrong? Who or those who are spreading lies about my shooting, why are they doing it? They also have families, they should understand how much these people harm people, I am a human being and I have a family…’

Talking about some of her recent viral pictures and behind the scenes, this is how the popular actress of Dhaka film Pooja Cheri spoke on Monday afternoon. Pooja Cherry has shot a web film named ‘Pari’. The shooting of this under-production movie about the story of women trafficking is going on in Bangkok.

He is working as a bar dancer there. Who was smuggled from Bangladesh and taken to Bangkok. He tried to return to the country by strategy. He paired up with small screen actor Farhan Ahmed Jovan in the movie ‘Pari’. It is directed by dramatist Mahmudur Rahman Himi.

Several intimate pictures of Pooja Cherry and Jovan while making this web film went viral on social media. Some of the netizens are claiming these pictures, Pooja and Jovan went to spend time alone and a local Bengali secretly took the picture of this moment.

When I spoke to the producer Mahmudur Rahman Himi about the matter, he said that the pictures that were spread were shooting pictures. Himi told Kal Kantha, ‘The pictures you are watching are part of the shooting of the web film. There we shot with hidden cameras. There is no opportunity to talk about pictures outside of these shootings. ‘

Though Himi says it is a hidden camera, Pooja Cheri says that the shooting has been done there with permission. Talking to Pooja Cherry on Sunday, ‘We couldn’t get permission first, then we shoot after our producer there takes all legal steps. The pictures of that shooting are spreading lies. ‘

Pooja Cheri said that the same way she was seen with Jovan in the stills that went viral, she will also be seen in the web film. “There are no negatives,” he said. Someone secretly took pictures from the shooting spot. After that he mixed colors and sent pictures to the country saying various things. And some people of the country are promoting like that. Everyone has a family, spreading lies is wrong, what else can I say, they have families, I have families too. They should understand. ‘

It is reported that the private satellite television Deepta TV is going to come up with an OTT platform. And web film Pari is being made for this OTT. Where Jovan and Pooja are acting.

The article is in Bengali

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