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Sonali was taken with the plan of murder 1179959 | The voice of time

Slain BJP leader Sonali Phogat

Explosive information has emerged in the investigation into the death of ‘Bigg Boss’ famous actress and Haryana BJP leader Sonali Phogat. Sonali was killed by the accused in the case. According to sources, the accused’s personal assistant Sudhir Sangwan has confessed to killing Sonali. During interrogation, Sudhir said that he had planned to kill the BJP leader.


According to police sources, Sudhir took Sonali from Gurugram to Goa in the name of photo shoot. There were no plans for a photo shoot in Goa. Actually, Sudhir and his accomplices planned to kill Sonali. He gave this information during police interrogation.

‘Bigg Boss’ famous actress and Haryana BJP leader Sonali

Sonali died on August 23 in Goa. First it is known that he died of heart attack. But later family members alleged that he was murdered. After this, the mystery surrounding Sonali’s death began to emerge. During the investigation, the police arrested Sonali’s personal assistant Sudhir and another associate Sukhwinder Singh, a restaurant owner Edwin Nunez and also two drug dealers named Dattaprasad Gaonkar and Ramdas Mandrekar.

Slain BJP leader Sonali Phogat

Investigation revealed that Sonali was in a restaurant in Goa shortly before her death. The police also got the CCTV footage of that restaurant in Goa. Where Sonali is seen leaving the restaurant with random steps. He could not even walk properly. He was trying to stand on the assistant’s shoulder. According to police sources, the accused mixed 1.5 grams of a drug called ‘MDMA’ in Sonali’s drink. Sonali started feeling sick after drinking this drug-laced drink. He was taken to the hotel. The police claimed that small traces of the drug were also found in the recovered water bottle.

Source: Anandabazar newspaper

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