Confiscated assets, who will provide money to the fund to fight the CBI-ED case? Close in thought

Bangla Hunt Desk: Trinamool Congress leader Anubrata Mondal’s discomfort seems to be increasing. Ever since he was arrested by the CBI in the cow smuggling case, several explosive facts have come to light against him. Currently, Anuvrata is in jail custody on the orders of the court and in the meantime, another possibility is gradually coming to the fore.

According to experts, if the ED takes Anuvrata Mandal into their custody later, he may have to leave for Delhi. In this case, it is believed that a lot of money can be spent in the court case between the joint investigation of CBI and ED. But here lies the danger.

It is to be noted that the CBI has seized several benami properties in the name of Anuvrata Mandal for the past several days. Investigating officers recently recovered 17 crore rupees in the bank accounts of Anubrata and his relatives. Also many properties have been traced from several other places. As a result, Anuvrata’s forehead is already showing wrinkles about how to stand and pay the cost of the case.

But the problem does not end there; In this case, if you go to Delhi to fight the case in the future, experts say that you need an experienced lawyer in the context of CBI and ED investigations. In that case, they can spend a lot of money behind them. However, due to the confiscation of Anubrata Mandal’s property, only those close to Trinamool leaders can be relied upon in this case! In this case, the CBI has been keeping an eye on several businessmen and individuals close to Anubrata in recent times.

Recently, the names of several people close to him have also surfaced in the notebook of the CBI after searching several other places including Chalkal of Anuvrata Mandal in Bolpur. In this case, if the Trinamool leader is helped by a close businessman or relative, it will immediately come to the attention of the investigating officers, according to political analysts. In that case, the main question now is, but who will pay for the inconvenient case?

In this context, a Trinamool leader said, “At present, the situation in Bengal has become very complicated. In this case, the concern about how to add money is increasing. But at the same time, he said, “Efforts are on to create a fund to collect money from party leaders, workers, legislators and unsuspecting well-wishers. This is the only way money can be raised.”

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