Most deaths in road accidents are on motorcycles

Most deaths in road accidents are on motorcycles
Most deaths in road accidents are on motorcycles

519 people were killed in 458 accidents on roads and highways across the country in August. 961 people were injured in these incidents. An average of 17 people died every day. Among the dead are 64 women and 69 children. During this period, most of the deaths occurred in motorcycle accidents. 172 people were killed in 183 motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle accident rate is 39.95 percent. Dhaka Division has the highest number of road accidents. This information was given in a report of Road Safety Foundation on Saturday.

According to the Road Safety Foundation, the report was prepared based on information from nine national dailies, seven online news portals and electronic media. According to the report, 109 pedestrians were killed in 458 road accidents, which is 21 percent of the total fatalities. 94 people, which is 18.11 percent, were killed by vehicle drivers and assistants. Among the dead were 431 working people between the ages of 18 and 65.

According to the report, 109 pedestrians and 94 vehicle drivers and assistants were killed in accidents in August. In addition, eight people were killed and 6 people are missing in 11 boat accidents. 24 killed and 9 injured in 23 railway accidents.

The report signed by Road Safety Foundation Executive Director Saidur Rahman said that out of 458 accidents, 187 occurred on national highways, which is 40.82 percent. 152 accidents occurred on regional roads, 79 on rural roads, 31 on city roads and 9 in other places. In terms of accident type, driver loss of control accounted for the most at 211, accounting for 46.06 percent. Pedestrians were crushed in 113 incidents, 72 were head-on collisions with vehicles, 46 were rear-end collisions and 16 were due to other causes. The number of vehicles involved in these accidents is 733. This includes 122 trucks, 108 buses, 23 pickups and 131 three-wheelers.

It is said that 142 people were killed in the most 127 accidents in Dhaka division in the last one month. 21 people were killed in 19 accidents in Sylhet division which was the least. And as a single district, 37 people were killed in the most 32 accidents in Dhaka district.

The report identified 10 reasons including defective vehicles, reckless speed, inefficiency and physical and mental illness of drivers, poor traffic management, reckless riding of motorcycles by youngsters. It made several recommendations including smooth implementation of Road Transport Act-2018.

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