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The topic is Islam

The topic is Islam
The topic is Islam

A great thinker and companion of Islamic history, Who is well known to scholars, But his biography and contributions are obscure to common people. But he was the lifeblood and main link of all the hadiths or sayings of the Prophet (PBUH) that we are proud of.. His early life name was Abde Shams. Abdur Rahman was given a new name after accepting Islam at the hands of Huzoor (PBUH)..

But he is famous in history as Abu Huraira – the breeder of cats kittenIn the name of father. Why this name?? He was very fond of cats. He even kept a cat with him. One day, seeing a kitten in his sleeve, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) affectionately called him Ya Aba Hurayrah.. Holy face of Hazrat Nishirat ¯EœThe name of Hamakha was spread by word of mouth among the Sahabah. At one time he was known by this name and his real name was hidden.

In the 7th year of Hijrah, Abu Hurairah (RA) came to Medina and met the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).. After coming here, young Abu Huraira continuously used the service and companionship of Rasulullah.. He stayed in the mosque 24 hours a day. He always used to receive talim and tarbiyat from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and used to pray under his imamate.. The Prophet had no wife or children during his lifetime. His old mother was the only one.

Abu Huraira loved the Holy Prophet. That love was deep. He was not satisfied with only 2/1 glance at the beloved Prophet. he used to say,’I have not seen anything more beautiful and radiant than Rasool. As if the rays of the sun were shining on his face. Abu Huraira (RA) memorized thousands of hadiths of the Prophet for the Muslim Ummah.. Many people looked at the matter of narrating so many hadiths from Rasulullah with suspicion. So he said, You might think that I narrate too many hadiths. I am empty handed, the poor. I used to tie a stone to my stomach and always spent it in the company of the Prophet.

He further said,’One day I said – O Messenger of Allah, I listen to many of your words but forget many of them. Hearing this, the Prophet (PBUH) said- Match your sheet. I did so. It was said – now connect with the chest. i joined. I haven’t forgotten a word since then. Imam Bukhari said, 8 shMore Sahabi and Tabee’i have narrated hadiths from him.

vast knowledge, Abu Huraira had a perfect combination of piety and love of God with boundless humility and generosity.. He used to fast during the day, One third of the night was spent in prayer. Then he called his wife. The wife used to spend the second part of the night in prayer and wake up their daughter. The daughter spent the rest of the night standing in prayer.

Thus in his house the worship never stopped during the whole night. Abu Huraira always behaved well with his mother as long as she lived. At the time of his arrival and departure, greetings and prayers were exchanged between mother and son.

he used to say,’May Allah have mercy on you, As you did to me as a child. Mother used to say, May Allah have mercy on you in return for the good behavior you have done to me growing up. Abu Hurairah (R.A.) used to show respect and respect to the Murubbijans, He also advised everyone to behave well with parents. the selfTo establish good relations with relatives. One day he saw, Two people are walking side by side on the road.

One of them is older than the other. He asked calling the youngest, What about the guy next to you?? said, father. He said, You will never call him by name. Do not walk before him and do not sit anywhere before he sits. These teachings of Hazrat Abu Huraira are important for all of us. Such behaviors are religious, Similarly, society and environment are essential elements for beauty.

Today due to the lack of these two levels of gap is being created between the young and the old. Because of which, instead of harmony, chaos has spread in the family and society. When Abu Huraira (R.A.) was terminally ill, He kept on crying. was asked, Why did you cry?? He said, I am not crying for your world, I weep at the thought of long journeys and short paths. The road that leads to heaven or hell, I stood at the end of the road! don’t know, I am going to the intersection of those two roads.

Hijri 57/58/59, He died on September 5, 677. We remember this great learned companion of the beloved Prophet in this month of death, I feel. Being famous does not require wealth. It takes effort to be a good person, Good human contact, In the light of knowledge and sciencetMaking heaven and lighting a lamp of light in a dark society.

The Arab Bedouin Abu Huraira did so. He also received a lot of respect, The world is a flower in the hereafter. Today, there is no alternative to Abu Huraira’s (R.A.) enlightenment to extract the biography of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) as the knowledge of Islam.. He conquered poverty with knowledge. the knowledge, availability, He climbed to the highest peak of piety and love of the Prophet with utmost patience. Today I know why these great thinkers leave the society, Prophetic love is ideal, The immense sadhana of service is being forgotten.

Lack of ideal children, Lack of ideal parents, Lack of ideal educational institutions, Madrasah-Maktab. don’t come, We initiate our children like Prophet Abu Bakr, The symbol of justice is like Omar, Sarlya’s direction is like Osman’s, The throne of knowledge is like Ali, Like Abu Ubaydah and Khaled bin Oli in peace in Samar, the pursuit, Like Abu Huraira in worshiping and building a worldly ideal family.

Author: Prof, TV Presenter and National Award Winner Khatib

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The article is in Bengali

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