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BRAC Bank gave compensation of Tk 5 lakh to that Jahalom

BRAC Bank gave compensation of Tk 5 lakh to that Jahalom
BRAC Bank gave compensation of Tk 5 lakh to that Jahalom

Private BRAC Bank has given compensation of Tk 500,000 in the case of jailing of jute mill worker Jahalam without any fault. BRAC Bank’s lawyer confirmed the payment today Thursday. Asaduzzaman. He said, according to the instructions of the Appellate Division, a check of Tk 5 lakh has been handed over to Jahalom. The matter will now be reported to the court. The bank gave this amount within three days of the order of the Appellate Division Chamber Court to pay five lakh rupees to Jahalom within seven days. Last Monday, the chamber court of Justice M Inayetur Rahim ordered to pay Tk 5 lakh within seven days. At the same time, the Chamber Court fixed the date for the hearing in the regular bench of the Appellate Division on October 31. The High Court’s verdict was published on August 7, giving compensation of Tk 15 lakh to Jahalom. In the 88-page judgment, the High Court criticized the ACC investigation officer, Sonali Bank and BRAC BRANK for the Jahalam incident. BRAC Bank was asked to pay Tk 15 lakh within a month of receiving the copy of the judgment. The judgment has mentioned to submit a report to the Registrar General after a week of payment. Later, BRAC Bank filed an appeal against the verdict. The court ordered the hearing of that application. Three years ago in January 2019, a national daily published a report titled ‘Sir, Aami Jahalam, Salek Na…’. Supreme Court lawyer Amit Dasgupta brought the report to the attention of the court. Later, the court ordered the speedy release of Jahalam in this incident. After that, it was asked to investigate again and submit the report. At that time, the High Court bench of Justice FRM Nazmul Ahsan and Justice KM Kamrul Quader announced the verdict. The full judgment in this regard was published on August 7. The report published in Jatiya Dainik in January 2019 was brought to the notice of the court by Amit Dasgupta, then Supreme Court lawyer and current Deputy Attorney General. Then taking the matter into consideration, the High Court summoned four persons including the Anti-Corruption Commission officer, the plaintiff in the case, to explain the matter. Besides, the court also issued a ruling asking why Jahalam should not be ordered to be released. Hearing that ruling, the High Court ordered Jahalam’s release on February 3 of that year and asked the ACC about the incident in the form of an affidavit. According to that order, the ACC produced it in the form of an affidavit. Later Jahalom directed the ACC to submit the FIR, charge sheet, supplementary charge sheet and related documents of all banks in 33 cases of bank loan fraud. In continuation of this, the High Court on 17th April 2020 wants the report of the ACC to see who or who is responsible for the Jahalam incident. Later, reports of ACC, BRAC Bank and Sonali Bank were submitted to the court in these cases. A hearing on that rule was held on February 12, 2020. Later, the High Court announced the verdict on September 30 of the same year.


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