Husband attempts suicide after killing wife and children in Nilphamari

Husband attempts suicide after killing wife and children in Nilphamari
Husband attempts suicide after killing wife and children in Nilphamari

After killing his wife and two-and-a-half-year-old daughter with a sharp knife in Domar upazila of Nilphamari, a man named Ziarul Islam (30) tried to commit suicide by stabbing himself in the stomach. The incident took place at Haratkitla Namaksthan of Nimojkhana in Boragari Union of Upazila on Wednesday afternoon. His 1-month-old baby Yashin, his mother-in-law Bilkis Begum and the murderer Ziarul himself were injured in this incident. Three injured persons were rescued and admitted to Domar Upazila Health Complex. The deceased are Ziarul’s wife Ratna Begum (25) and two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Yachmin Akhter. The killer is the son of Sumaru Mamud of Chandinapara area of ​​Boragari Union of Ziarul Islam Upazila. He has been living with his wife since 4 years in the Harataki floor of his in-laws Nimoz Khana.

Locals said that on Wednesday afternoon, husband Ziarul had an argument with his wife Ratna Begum over family matters. At one stage of the quarrel, Ziarul’s wife Ratna Begum came out of the house with her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Yachmin. At that time Ratna Begum’s mother Bilkis Begum also came out of the house on the street of Harataki Tala with her one month old grandson in her arms. At that time, Ziarul took a sharp knife from the house and hit the child in his mother-in-law’s lap and threw it on the ground. At that time, when her mother-in-law went forward to bring the child, Ziarul stabbed her mother-in-law with a knife. At this time, his mother-in-law’s cheek and back were stabbed. Her mother-in-law ran to land and rescued the child from the water. At that time, with the sharp knife in Ziarul’s hand, he inserted the knife inside his two and a half year old daughter’s stomach and took out her vagina and killed his wife with that knife after her death was confirmed. After killing his wife, Ziarul Islam tried to commit suicide by inserting the knife into his own stomach. But luckily he is alive. Her belly came out and she fell on the road and started crying. On receiving the information, the police went to the spot and rescued the injured Bilkis Begum, her grandson Yashin and the murderer Ziarul and admitted them to Domar Upazila Health Complex. On reaching the spot, it was found that the bodies of mother and daughter were lying on the side of the road in Harataki Tala. Begum Bilkis Begum, the mother of the deceased Ratna, is crying with her baby in her arms. The murderer Ziarul is lying in the middle of the road. At this time, he is also moaning as the woman-pot in his stomach comes out. When the news of the murder of mother and daughter spread, numerous men and women from the surrounding area thronged there.

Officer-in-charge of Domar police station Mahmud Un Nabi confirmed the suicide attempt of the husband after killing his wife and child and said that the companion force is working at the scene under his leadership. Three people were admitted to the hospital with injuries. However, he said that the exact reason for this murder is not yet known.

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