Two more leopards die in India

Two more leopards die in India
Two more leopards die in India

Two cheetah cubs have died in a national park in Madhya Pradesh, India. A third is in critical condition. Another cub died on Tuesday.

Cheetah became extinct in India more than 70 years ago. After this, the female cheetah brought from Namibia last year gave birth to four cubs last March.

The female cheetah and her three cubs were kept under observation after Tuesday, park authorities said in a press note. They said the temperature in the park reached 47 degrees Celsius last Tuesday. The Cubs did not seem to be back to normal then. BBC.

Authorities said the cubs became weak. They lose weight and are severely dehydrated. Two leopard cubs died on Thursday. Steps were taken to protect them. The remaining cub is being treated in critical condition.

In 1952, the Indian government declared the cheetah extinct. 8 cheetahs were brought from Namibia in September last year and 12 from South Africa in February 2023.

Three of these cheetahs have died in the last two months. Six cheetahs along with three cubs have died so far.

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court expressed concern over the death of these animals and ordered the country’s government to relocate the animals.

Bangladesh Time: 1701 hours, May 26, 2023

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