There are two new divisions named ‘Padma’ and ‘Meghna’

There are two new divisions named ‘Padma’ and ‘Meghna’
There are two new divisions named ‘Padma’ and ‘Meghna’

There are indications that there are two new divisions called ‘Padma’ with five districts of greater Faridpur and ‘Meghna’ with six districts of Chittagong.

A meeting of the National Implementation Committee on Administrative Restructuring (NICAR) is scheduled to be held on Thursday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. At the same meeting, two new divisions named ‘Padma’ and ‘Meghna’ will be presented for approval. This has been known from the sources of the cabinet department.

The five districts of greater Faridpur are Faridpur, Shariatpur, Rajbari, Gopalganj and Madaripur.

The agitators associated with the establishment of this division demanded that the division be named after Faridpur.

The three Comillas of Greater Comilla, Brahmanbaria and Chandpur and the three districts of Greater Noakhali, Noakhali, Feni and Laxmipur are in the ‘Meghna’ division.

Earlier, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had said in several meetings that no other department would be named after the district concerned. His words are going to be implemented. About six crore people live in the six districts of Greater Comilla and Greater Noakhali.

About a decade ago, the government decided to divide Dhaka and Chittagong into two to reduce the pressure and administrative decentralization.

After that, the government has taken time to take a decision due to the competition of the leaders of the concerned districts.

If these two new divisions are approved, the number of divisions in the country will be 10. However, the government will have to carry out some more procedures to start the activities of the two new departments.

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