‘Grand Sylhet Cineplex’ in Sylhet


A new theater is being inaugurated in Sylhet. The name is ‘Grand Sylhet Cineplex’. A Cineplex is located at Grand Sylhet Hotel & Resort, a luxury resort on Sylhet MG Osmani International Airport Road.

The authorities claim that various movies are being shown in their cineplex since the opening of the resort. Only guests and certain service users are getting a chance to watch movies.

The issue of opening in Cineplex came into discussion based on the post of ‘Grand Sylhet Cineplex’ on social media. It is mentioned that this cinema hall will be inaugurated on July 29. However, no information about the opening was found on the Grand Sylhet Hotel and Resort’s Facebook page or website.

However, it is known from the Facebook page that movies are already being shown in this theater. Where South Indian movies like Pushpa or KGF are screened for guests. There are Hollywood and Bollywood movies. However, not in regular show form, but on certain occasions, a single film is scheduled to be shown at 6.30pm every day, which includes dinner.

Besides, it can be seen on the website of Grand Sylhet Hotel and Resort, there are 210 seats in this hall. There is HD theater with sound system.

Asaduzzaman, Assistant Food and Beverage Manager of Grand Sylhet Hotel and Resort, said, We have learned that the opening of Cineplex has been publicized on social media.

He said that since the opening of the resort, movies have been showing in Cineplex. Today is Friday and The Game movie will be screened. Subject to conditions, you can watch the movie for 500 rupees.

He said that he did not know about the official opening. If the opening date is announced it will be published on their website.

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