Bangladesh will be grateful to him

Bangladesh will be grateful to him
Bangladesh will be grateful to him

Multi-talented intellectual Dr. Akbar Ali Khan finally left the illusion of the world. The school was his last address after walking the road of Amla’s life from Dhaka University through Mujibnagar.

A few weeks ago when Dr. Akbar Ali Khan was last seen at his new house in Gulshan-1, I hoped that he would be a beacon of light for some more time. That didn’t happen anymore. He left. Any death is irreparable, but some deaths leave an incredible void for the entire nation. Dr. Akbar Ali Khan is one such person, whose death is not just the death of an individual but the departure of an institution.

Dr. was active in state building till the end of his life. Akbar Ali Khan. We have always had this guardian-like person by our side as a fellow traveler. This wise, courageous and principled man had his eye on everything from history to economy to democracy and good governance to Banlata Sen. He also had a knack for making difficult topics very easy.

“The people of developing countries should say to their governments: Lord, we do not ask for favors from you, just take care of your piglets with kindness” – it is Dr. Just a line from Akbar Ali Khan’s ‘Economics of Altruism’. Apart from ‘Economics of altruism’, he has given us some outstanding books on economics, history, public administration, literature and water resources, written numerous articles.

Through this wisdom, experience and power of writing, he was engaged throughout his life in trying to awaken the conscience of our future generations by creating food for thought.

Dr. I last spoke to Akbar Ali Khan last week, about the statement made by 39 intellectuals on EVMs. He not only agreed to sign the statement, but also advised me to get the signatures of a few others. Thus he was closely involved in the efforts to establish democracy and good governance in the country till the end of his life.

Personally he was my ardent well-wisher, guardian and a devoted patron of Sujan. Last June 18, Sujan attended the eighth national conference with his sick body. He used a quote from the Athenian historian and famous Peloponnesian War general Thucydides – ‘The secret to happiness is freedom, and the secret to freedom is courage.’ That is, the source of happiness is freedom … and the source of freedom is courage.

Dr. Looking at the life of Akbar Ali Khan, we see the full reflection of this saying. He was not only a brave freedom fighter, but he was a voice of protest against injustice throughout his life, ignoring all the bloodshot eyes. This is reflected in the resignation of Hasan Mashhood Chowdhury, along with Sultana Kamal and Shafi Sami as advisers to his caretaker government, a rare occurrence in the history of Bangladesh. His work will always remind us how to challenge conventional thinking.

By the way, in the last week of this month, Dr. Akbar Ali Khan is to be honored. On this occasion, in his recommendation, the merchant message requested some people to write about him, among whom I am one. Dr. in this regard. I spoke to Akbar Ali Khan a few weeks ago. Then he sat me in his bedroom and told me that these writings will be obituaries for him. Miraculously as if he was predicting his sudden death!

Dr. Rather than expressing great sorrow at the death of Akbar Ali Khan, the nation will always remember his life’s work, his contribution in various fields of society including the liberation war, success as a patriotic bureaucrat and above all his vocal role in establishing good governance from democracy. So Dr. We will not call this departure of Akbar Ali Khan ‘goodbye’. Rather, he will come back to this Bengal of Jibanananda in various ways, at various times, in various crises, in various guises.

In my opinion, the true way we all pay him respect is to break through barriers and reveal the truth with an open heart, which Akbar Ali Khan did in his writings-speech-activities. Dr. Akbar Ali Khan, Bangladesh will surely be grateful to you.

Dr. Badiul Alam Majumdar: Editor, Citizens for Good Governance

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